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Digital Transformation of Media with Billy Dey

In this episode of the GDMS Podcast, discuss the digital transformation of media with Bill Dey, Principle Owner of WPD Media Sales,
Digital Transformation of Media

Digital Transformation of Media with Billy Dey

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In the 9th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we have an in-depth interview with Billy Dey to discuss how digital technology transformed Print Media.  We discuss the following content in the episode:

  • How he got into Media Sales
  • What is was like selling Media in the Funeral Home Industry
  • What it was like living through the digital transformation of print media and other media
  • How long physical print will be around
  • Collecting user demographics and remarketing to them
  • The exponential growth of technology
  • Where he sees future digital transformations in the media industry happening

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Bill Dey

Billy Dey
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Cliff Feiring

Cliff is a co-founding partner of Grassroots Digital Marketing Studio.

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