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Digital Transformation of Music with Alex Gimeno

In this episode of the GDMS podcast, we have an in-depth interview with Alex Gimeno, AKA Ursula 1000 on the digital transformation of the music industry over the past 25 years. We also discuss how Ryan has risen to fame to become the highest-grossing Youtube star.
Digital Transformation of Music
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Digital Transformation of Music with Alex Gimeno

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In the 10th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we have an in-depth interview with Alex Gimeno to discuss the Digitial Transformation of the music industry.  We also discuss the following:

  • How Ryan Kaji became the wealthiest person on YouTube
  • The to make money off of opening packages on YouTube
  • Marketing Minute with Matt on Website Optimization

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In our in-depth interview with DJ Ursula 1000 otherwise known as Alex Gimeno we discuss the Digital Transformation of the Music Industry along with:

  • How Alex first got involved with music
  • What motivated him to eventually turn music into a DJ career
  • How Alex you develop the retro-future style of music that is Ursula 1000
  • How his retro-future style music helped him land spots on MTV, and most notably the Power Puff Girl Theme Song.
  • His thoughts on Napster when it became a bootleg way to obtain music in the late 90s 
  • How different is the music industry today because of digital transformation
  • How what it’s like to make royalties off of  youtube and other streaming service algorithms 
  • What kind of digital transformations Alex has participated in during the Pandemic, and which digital transformations he plans on continuing after the Pandemic
  • What Alex thinks about the future of the music industry
  • What’s his favorite scary movie, both A list and D list 

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Ryan Kaji Digital Transformation of Music

Ryan Kaji has made himself a Millionaire through the use of Digital Transformation of Gift Opening on YouTube.  

With newer laws in effect, he needs to be careful about blending his advertisements with his social media profiles or risk being fined. It will be interesting to see if he will be able to keep up his success with the newer laws in effect.

Alex Gimeno aka ursula1000

Alex Gimeno on Digital Transformation of Media

Here are a couple of music videos that Alex has produced.  For more Urusla1000 content, be sure to check out 



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