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In episode 12 of the GDMS podcast, we sit down with Kat Skuback, Customer Success Business Consultant at Quantum Metric, and discuss the importance of user experience, when it comes to all your digital assets. In this week's glorious marketing of the week, we discuss HBO Max and how they are pivoting the movie industry. In this week's marketing minute with Matt, we discuss the overall marketing strategy.
User Experience with Kat Skuback
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User Experience with Kat Skuback

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what is user experience

In the 12th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we have an in-depth interview with Kat Skuback where we discuss the importance of User Experience as it relates to all your digital assets.  In this week’s glorious marketing of the week, we discuss HBO Max and how they are pivoting the movie industry.  In this week’s marketing minute with Matt, we discuss the overall marketing strategy.

We also discuss the following:

  • HBO Max and how they are pivoting the movie industry
  • The future of movie theaters
  • Marketing Minute with Matt on User Experience

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In our in-depth interview with Kat Skuback we discuss User Experience along with:

  • What she does as a Customer Success Business Consultant at Quantum Metric
  • What originally attracted her to Marketing after getting a degree in Communications and Political science
  • Her diverse marketing background and the experience she gained from it
  • Kat’s time at Comcast, the multiple positions she held there, and the user experience skills she picked up while working there
  • She discussed how important user experience is to marketing a product or any service and the customer journey
  • PowerPoint tips because she is a PowerPoint expert
  • Digital innovations she has seen during due COVID
  • The Leap Summit for Digital Product Leaders that Quantum Metrics is running in early February
  • Her favorite scary movie, both A list and C list
  • Her favorite pizza spot on the Jersey Shore

glorious marketing of the week

HBO Max has become Netflix’s main competitor in the streaming wars.  How are they doing it? By providing Blockbusters directly to your home at the same time they are released in the theaters.

This is enhancing the customer experience greatly, along with the value proposition of their streaming platform. 

Digital Customer Experience

By purchasing HBO Max, the user no longer will be hassled with the inherent issues of actually going to the movie theater.  The user no longer has to choose a viewing time, leave their house an hour earlier to find parking,  find seats, and deal with the inevitable children yelling and screaming in the theater.  All those barriers are removed!

By using HBA Max, the user can watch newly released Blockbusters from the luxury of their own home.  As an added benefit, users can watch these blockbusters on their own time, without all the barriers are associated with physically going to the movies.

value proposition and user experience research

At $14.99/month HBO Max is one of the most expensive streaming services available.  The addition of being able to watch newly released blockbusters through their platform helps justify that price point.

The end of movie theaters?

No, movie theaters will not disappear because of HBO Max.  There will always be a need in the market to see movies that were made for the big screen. 

More than likely movie theaters will pivot to enhance the experience of going to the movies.  Expect to see more theaters that offer a dining experience and a full bar.

There is also a market to rent out full theaters and reorganize them to fit birthday parties that are designed for both parents and children.

Will Netflix survive?

Yes, they will!  Netflix has been preparing for this moment for the past decade.  They have 10 years or personal data on customers across the globe that will help them continue to be the market leader.

Kat Skuback

Customer Experience with Kat Skuback

Kat Skuback Customer Success Business Consultant at Quantum Metric

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