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In the 16th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we discuss Project Management with Scott Wheirty Technical Program Manager at Evergent, Inc. We also discuss the Wendy's and National Roast Day, as well as a Marketing Minute with Matt on Chatbots.
Project Management with Scott Wherity

Project Management with Scott Wherity

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In the 16th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we discuss Project Management with Scott Wheirty Technical Program Manager at Evergent, Inc.  We also discuss the following:

  • National Roast Day on Twitter
  • What makes Wendy’s the GOAT of Twitter Accounts
  • Marketing Minute with Matt on how to use Chatbots effectively

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In our in-depth interview with Scott Wherity, PMP, CSM, we discuss a ton of different topics around Project Management:

  • How Scott got involved in the IT field after graduating from San Diego State with a degree in accounting
  • What drew Scott into Project Management and Program Management
  • Whether or not Scott thinks in the near future, that having some sort of computer science background will be a requirement for just about every C Suite position
  • Interesting projects that Scott was involved in while working at some really well-known companies such as Miss Universe, Madison Square Garden, and Warner Music Group.  
  • Project Management tactics when trying to overcome the fear of change within an organization?
  • Project Management tips to winning over Stakeholders when trying to implement a new process
  • Scott’s most challenging project, the types of challenges he faced while performing Project Management, and how he ultimately overcame them
  • What’s his favorite scary movie both A list (best quality) and D list (Terrible film, but you can’t help but watch it and enjoy it)
  • How Scott became a LA Rams fan, then turning into an LA Chargers fan, and then going back to the LA Rams
  • Also if he roots for the LA Chargers at some level

glorious marketing of the week

Wendy's throws out all the stops on national roast day

February 11th is National Roast Day.  That doesn’t mean people around the country are eating Roast Beef on that day, but rather they are “roasting” each other more than likely on social media. 

That’s right national roast day is a day where you can openly roast friends, family, and complete strangers on the internet, all in the name of fun.

The Wendy’s account held nothing back, as they fielded requests to be roasted by the Wendy’s Twitter account.

Why are people requesting to get roasted by Wendy's?

Over the past decade, Wendy’s has developed a Twitter persona that is unmatched throughout all of the social media.  They fully embrace the true nature of Twitter.

Twitter is a social media channel that, if you are using it correctly, is where you can do and post your most outrageous content. Wendy’s Twitter account understands this to its fullest and doesn’t shy away from the crass nature of the channel.

Wendy’s has trolled internet trolls into submission.  They have outwardly attacked, in a playful manner, other companies and customers. 

In doing so, they have become the gold standard of Twitter accounts.

Brand Awareness is Gained through roasting

Some might be thinking, what does Wendy’s gain by roasting its patrons and other companies?  Doesn’t this hurt their image.  

Wendy’s is a well-established fast-food restaurant.  There are not many people in the United States, that do not know that Wendy’s exist. 

When Wendy’s roasts other well-known brands or celebrities, people take note of it because they don’t expect a well-known brand like Wendy’s to be acting in this manner. 

This in turn creates a viral response where people are talking, retweeting, and even reporting about it in the news.

Thus, Wendy’s has created a viral word of mouth advertisement for themselves.  The amount of Brand Awareness they gain through roasting is incredible. 

Every roast that Wendy’s performed received thousands of likes, and hundreds of retweets getting them into millions of different Twitter feeds in hopes that some of those people seeing these Tweets would consider picking up some Wendy’s in the not-so-distant future.

Scott Wherity, PMP, CSM

Scott Wherity

Scott Wherity, PMP, CSM – Technical Program Manager at Evergent, Inc.

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