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In the 20th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we discuss Mastering Motivation with Steve Canter of The CanterZone.
Mastering Motivation with Steve Canter

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In the 20th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we discuss Mastering Motivation with former Hokie Steve Canter of The CanterZone. We also discuss the following:

  • Porsche using Bill and Ted in their most recent online promotion
  • Retro 80’s and 90’s Marketing
  • Marketing Minute with Matt on Mirco Moments

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In our in-depth interview with former Hokie Steve Canter, Director Of Operations at VentureTech Group and Founder of The CanterZone we discuss:

  • The motivation behind him walking away from a Division II scholarship at Concord to become a Walk-on at Virginia Tech
  • What it was like to be recruited from a Division II school to play at Virginia Tech
  • What it was like to get one of the best compliments a coach can give you because of his self-motivation
  • What do you think in your life made your biggest impact in adapting this motivation mentality?
  • How he manages to maintain motivation
  • What it was like winning the 2003 Paul Frederick Cobb award recipient for team spirit and enthusiasm
  • How he shifted from being a player to being part of the coaching staff
  • His experience learning from Coach Gentry
  • What his motivation was for switching careers from coaching and what that transition was like
  • Where he came up with the idea for his business, the CanterZone?
  • Steve’s key ingredients that go into creating a winning culture in an organization
  • His biggest keys to removing obstacles and getting people to change
  • The keys to finding the right metrics and turning them into Key Performance Indicators
  • Is every incentive-based strategy involve monetary value, or are there other incentive-based ways to motivate employees as well
  • What his personal motivation was to start running Ultramarathons
  • What his favorite scary movie both A list (best quality film) and D list (Terrible film, but you find yourself watching it anyway) are
  • His favorite Lester Karlin moment

glorious marketing of the week

Porsche Uses "Bill & Ted" in new advertisement

Porsche recently released an promotional video for the release of their electric car that included Bill & Ted actors Keanu Reeves & Alex Winters.  It was a curious time to release this advertisement as the latest and final “Bill & Ted” movie was released over the summer of 2020.

80's and 90's Throwback Advertisements are on the rise

One possible motivation for Porsche to use Bill & Ted is that Millennials and GenX represent that largest part of the US Population. 

Since there are more people in these two demographics and both generations grew up in the 80s/90s, advertisers are starting to market to them through retro throw back themed advertisements and products.

Bill & Ted movies were prominent in the late 80s and early 90s, along with an early 90s cartoon.  

There was more than likely strong data from over the summer that showed that Bill & Ted a are a draw to these demographics leading Porsche to use them in this commercial.

The timing and Audience seems off

Bill & Ted are 80’s/90’s legends.  They are known for being dead beat rock and rollers that don’t seem to know where they are going in life.  

With Porsche being a symbol of wealth and prosperity, the match of the characters seems to be a bit off.  Dead beats and porches do not seem to go together.  It is more than likely the reason that they do not portray Bill & Ted in the advertisement.

The motivation of dropping this commercial in March, well after the Bill & Ted mania over the summer is also confusing.  The buzz from their 3rd film is surely dead by now, nearly 6 months after it’s release and with no sequel in sight.

Steven Canter

Steve Canter - Mastering Motivation
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