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In the 21st Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we discuss college life during the Pandemic with Marshall MBA student Noah Dye.
College Pandemic Life with Noah Dye

College with the Pandemic with Noah Dye

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In the 21st Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we discuss what the College experience with the Pandemic has been like with Marshall MBA Student Noah Dye. We also discuss the following:

  • WWE Networking becoming apart of the Peacock Streaming service
  • Consolidation of streaming services
  • Marketing Minute with Matt on Personalization

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In our in-depth interview with Marshall MBA Student Noah Dye we discuss:

  • His motivation in getting his college undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics. and his MBA in Finance?  
  • How college life has been different during the pandemic, compared to your prior years at Marshall University
  • Technologies that the College has deployed during the pandemic and which have been effective and which have not
  • How social life as a college student changed due to the Pandemic
  • His thoughts on blockchain in financial service applications
  • Noah’s thoughts on cryptocurrency as a commodity 
  • How much data analytics has been woven into his finance curriculum
  • Noah’s thoughts on social media and how it can be used for businesses

glorious marketing of the week

WWE Netowrk is moving to the peacock streaming Service

Within the past month, Peacock Streaming Service purchased the rights to the WWE Network.  In doing so, the Peacock Streaming will now be the home for all WWE Pay-Per-Views, and its extensive content library. 

Peacock is adding Users and Exclusive Content

Peacock is a newer streaming service, and is in desperate need of two things:

  • Paid subscribers
  • New Fresh Content

The WWE is a draw.  They average 1.6 million paid subscribers.  By moving their streaming service over to Peacock, Peacock will gain the majority, if not all of their paid subscribers almost overnight.  A much-needed injection into their paid subscription service.

With WWE coming over, Peacock will now be the home to all of their exclusive monthly Pay=Per-Views, and their extensive content library.

With the cost drop from $9.99/month to $4.99/month for current WWE Network Subscribers, it is even possible, that even more WWE fans signup for the streaming service, especially with Wrestlemania being two weeks away.

WWE Gains Money and Technology

NBC Universal is paying the WWE $200 million a year for the exclusive rights to WWE Programming and extensive content library.

WWE gets the burden of the technological upgrades associated with running your own streaming services taken off their plate.  The WWE Network was released in 2012 on a platform developed by the MLB Network.

By joining NBC, WWE no longer needs to maintain the network.  That luxury goes to NBC.  Technology changes every 18 months by scientific law.  So upgrades will be needed to be done often!

WWE also gains access to the casual WWE fans that are on the Peacock apps for other content but are now gaining access to the WWE content in their current subscriptions.

If the WWE gains a fraction of the 55 million subscribers of the Peacock app, they will make out.


College Student Noah Dye

Noah Dye, College Student, and MBA Finance at the University of Marshall

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College with the Pandemic with Noah Dye

watch the Video feed here

Audio Podcast feed here

Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, and Anchor Podcasts

In the 18th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we discuss Leadership and Coaching with Virginia Tech Hokie Hall of Famer Cornell Brown. We also discuss the following:

  • The HBO Max documentary Fake Famous
  • The future of Social Influencing
  • A Marketing Minute with Matt on how to use Geotagging

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In our in-depth interview with Virginia Tech Football Hall of Famer Cornell Brown we discuss:

  • Who Cornell’s mentors were growing up
  • What he finds the best part of competing
  • His recruitment to Virginia Tech
  • What it was like being a part of the team that beat Texas in the Sugar Bowl in 1995
  • Having a chip on his shoulder after getting drafted in the 6th round by the Ravens
  • What was it like to be a part of the best defense the NFL has ever had
  • The difference between coaching under Nick Saban and coaching under Coach Beamer
  • What’s the most important leadership lesson that he has learned
  • What has motivated Cornell the most during his coaching career
  • How he implements a gameplan from the Defensive Coordinator at a player level
  • How Huddle disrupted the way coaches find talent
  • How social media changed the way you recruit players
  • What it’s like having to compete for players throughout their entire playing careers and continue to get them to buy into what you are coaching with the advent of the Transfer Portal
  • Cornell’s favorite scary movie
  • One of the best Lester Karlin stories we have heard to date

glorious marketing of the week

"Fake Famous" Brings Light to the Fake side of social INfluencing

The new documentary HBO Max Documentary, “Fake Famous”, takes three normal people, and with a mixture of movie magic and the right, technology turns all three of them into Social Influencers.  

The documentary brings light to some ethical dilemmas going on in the social influencing realm right now such as:

  • Where should the line between staged content and advertisements drawn?
  • Should tech companies like Facebook and Twitter regulate the industry more closely?
  • How can data be better regulated to prevent fake influencers from popping upg?

bots Help launch influencers careers

After three lucky people were selected to take part in the “Fake Famous” documentary, the producers took their social media profiles and hired a Bot company to help raise their followers on Instagram.

There was a noticeable steady climb in followers for each of the three influencers participating in this experiment.  

As their followers grew, and bots started commenting on their posts, the participants’ friends started to take notice of the suspicious exponential growth of their accounts, and sometimes strange comments left by the bots.

Some of the participants felt weird about what they were doing as more and more of their friends approached them about what they were doing. 

Some professional photography goes a long way

After each of the participants grew their audience, the producers took professional photo shoots of each of them doing something that they enjoyed.

One contestant was shot working out in his garage.  The professional photographer made it look like he was working out in a gym by snapping the right pictures.

One participant was shot in her backyard.  The photoshoot was set up to make it look like she was on an exotic trip to another country.  They tagger her in an exotic location.  The mixture of the professional pictures and the geotagging made her audience think she was actually there.

There is even a place in Los Angeles where you can take pictures in a jet to make it seem like you are traveling.  These pictures are used by social influencers to fake trips around the world and eventually land endorsements for the potential influencers.

Companies see inflated numbers on the Instagram photos, they see the acticity those influencers are doing, and if their brand or product aligns, they will send the influencer their product to use in photoshoots.

Should big tech stop the fraud?

Every step of the way people and businesses are making money.  The bot companies make money, Facebook/Instagram makes money, the influencer eventually makes money, and the companies providing products to them also make money.  

There is no incentive for big tech to stop the fraud.  They are willing participants, but millions or people are duped by these fake advertisements.  

Two out of the three participants ended up pulling themselves from the documentary.  They didn’t feel right about what they were doing.  

As more and more fraud happens one has to ask where does Government come in to prevent it from happening?  


Cornell Brown

Cornell Brown Head Shot

Virginia Tech Hall of Famer – Cornell Brown

ornell Brown Playing at Virginia Tech
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