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In the 21st Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we discuss college life during the Pandemic with Marshall MBA student Noah Dye.
College Pandemic Life with Noah Dye

College with the Pandemic with Noah Dye

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In the 21st Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we discuss what the College experience with the Pandemic has been like with Marshall MBA Student Noah Dye. We also discuss the following:

  • WWE Networking becoming apart of the Peacock Streaming service
  • Consolidation of streaming services
  • Marketing Minute with Matt on Personalization

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In our in-depth interview with Marshall MBA Student Noah Dye we discuss:

  • His motivation in getting his college undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics. and his MBA in Finance?  
  • How college life has been different during the pandemic, compared to your prior years at Marshall University
  • Technologies that the College has deployed during the pandemic and which have been effective and which have not
  • How social life as a college student changed due to the Pandemic
  • His thoughts on blockchain in financial service applications
  • Noah’s thoughts on cryptocurrency as a commodity 
  • How much data analytics has been woven into his finance curriculum
  • Noah’s thoughts on social media and how it can be used for businesses

glorious marketing of the week

WWE Netowrk is moving to the peacock streaming Service

Within the past month, Peacock Streaming Service purchased the rights to the WWE Network.  In doing so, the Peacock Streaming will now be the home for all WWE Pay-Per-Views, and its extensive content library. 

Peacock is adding Users and Exclusive Content

Peacock is a newer streaming service, and is in desperate need of two things:

  • Paid subscribers
  • New Fresh Content

The WWE is a draw.  They average 1.6 million paid subscribers.  By moving their streaming service over to Peacock, Peacock will gain the majority, if not all of their paid subscribers almost overnight.  A much-needed injection into their paid subscription service.

With WWE coming over, Peacock will now be the home to all of their exclusive monthly Pay=Per-Views, and their extensive content library.

With the cost drop from $9.99/month to $4.99/month for current WWE Network Subscribers, it is even possible, that even more WWE fans signup for the streaming service, especially with Wrestlemania being two weeks away.

WWE Gains Money and Technology

NBC Universal is paying the WWE $200 million a year for the exclusive rights to WWE Programming and extensive content library.

WWE gets the burden of the technological upgrades associated with running your own streaming services taken off their plate.  The WWE Network was released in 2012 on a platform developed by the MLB Network.

By joining NBC, WWE no longer needs to maintain the network.  That luxury goes to NBC.  Technology changes every 18 months by scientific law.  So upgrades will be needed to be done often!

WWE also gains access to the casual WWE fans that are on the Peacock apps for other content but are now gaining access to the WWE content in their current subscriptions.

If the WWE gains a fraction of the 55 million subscribers of the Peacock app, they will make out.


College Student Noah Dye

Noah Dye, College Student, and MBA Finance at the University of Marshall

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