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Let's look at how we make logos for a business of any size to create brand awareness and recognition.

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We design compelling logos to get you recognized and convey your brand in one image

Outshine your competition with professional logo design

What are the key components of great brand logo design?

Communication is the most important key!  We will work with you to share and collaborate on ideas for your logo.  We don’t stop until you are overjoyed with the direction we are taking your new logo in.

There are lots of DYI logo programs and websites.  At Grassroots Digital Marketing Studio believes in holistic marketing approach.  It wouldn’t make sense to create a logo in isolation.  

We want your logo to fit into your overall business and marketing agency.  

Need a company logo design?

We create custom logos

As an important part of your business identity, we want to make sure your logo is custom and unique.   A logo should be top-of-mind we people think of your business.   Logos, in essence, tell the story of your brand.

Your logo can directly impact your return on investment.  You want some to recognize your brand immediately without any written copy.  A logo should be simple without overall complicated elements.  Think of some of the best logos out there.  Apple. Nike, Amazon all have very simple logos to convey a lot.

You don’t want your logo to look like a cheap knockoff of a well-known brand.  rall complicated elements.  Think of some of the best logos out there.  Apple. Nike, Amazon all have very simple logos to convey a lot.  Color and font can play a huge role in creating a logo, look at Facebook or Google.

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We keep up on logo design trends vintage logo designs are some of our favorites

80s Style GDMS record album

We conduct extensive research into your industry and competition.  Our goal is to create a timeless logo that doesn’t just fit with trends of the day, but that will serve you for many years to come.  

Graphic Design Logo

Graphic Design Logo

Our logo design process

Our first step is getting to know you and your business.  Whether you are starting out with a new business, new product or new business vertical, we believe that understanding your business and why you do what you do is important in the design process.

We understand the importance your logo plays in your business; its your identity!  You want a logo that speaks to your values and identity and that is memorable and recognizable to your customers.

Factors of Great logo design

Facts about Logo Design

What you need to know about logos

of consumers believe that logos are works of art
10 %
of people recognize a brand by its logo
1 %
the year Stella Artois first started using their current logo
how much faster our brains process images faster than words
10 k
the percent of the leading 100 brands that use blue in their logo
10 %
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Our Approach to custom logo design

Your logo should be exactly what you want.  Your visual identity, brand logo,  should be unique, meaningful and relevant to your audience.  Timelessness is also key to your logo so that you outshine your competition.

We will work with you to understand your logo needs and requirements.  We also guarantee satisfaction, that’s why we give you multiple proposed logos to gain your important feedback and we iterate from there until you have the perfect logo.

We ask a number of questions to make sure your logo is exactly what you want.   

  • 1
    What are your logo requirements?
  • 2
    What are your business and marketing goals?
  • 3
    What logos are your inspiration?
  • 4
    Developing Targeting and Conversion Goals
  • 5
    Develop Creative
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
    Iterate and Improve
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We design keep your logo design cost low

Best logo design company

Creating a strong business logo design

We understand cost is important when considering a logo design.  We aim to provide totally transparency when it comes to pricing.   

A logo is a key part to every part of your business; website, email, packaging, social media, letterhead, invoices and well pretty much  everything you do.  A  unique brand logo differentiates you from your competitors.  A logo is the first glimpse of who you are and what you do to your customers and potential customers. 

Every business is unique, even in the same industry or sector, and your logo should reflect that.  We provide custom logo designs at affordable prices to many industries:

  • Art and Photography Logos
  • Retail Logos
  • Hospitality Logos
  • Educational Logos
  • Entertainment Industry Logos
  • Medical Logos
  • and many more!

Our graphic design logo services

if you're looking for "logo design near me" or "logo designer near me" look no further, no matter where we are, we work with you until you're 100% satisfied

Brand Logo Design

Brand Logo Design

Product Logo Design

Product Logo Design

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