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Let's look at how you can grow your youtube ad revenue.

YouTube Marketing Services

We'll show you how to get your ads on youtube

We are a full-service YouTube advertising agency

YouTube marketing

YouTube is an enormous platform globally.  Using YouTube marketing you can increase your businesses’ brand awareness, marketing reach and drive conversions.  

We will create a dynamic YouTube ad campaign that is engaging to potential customers and grows your brand and revenue. 

Video is the top performing content online.  Our YouTube marketing agency creates compelling video.  We believe in creating strong owned content on YouTube, before you begin advertising.

We’ll be your YouTube Agency

How to advertise on youtube?

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, after Google.  YouTube is a discovery platform, which makes it great for growing brand awareness.  Also, being able to advertise on channels similar to your own business or verticals increases  lead gen and sales.

Video is the top performing content online.  Our YouTube marketing agency creates compelling video.  It’s not enough to just create video; you need to understand your target audience and what resonants with them.  Video marketing trends are always changing as well as consumer demographics.  

We stay ahead of digital trends to be able to help you craft both ads and original content that will perform and deliver you an ROI. 

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Facts about YouTube

What you need to know about youtube marketing

10 %
of US adults use YouTube, making it the most popular online platform
the number of minutes an average US adult sepnds on YouTube daily
10 %
of people use YouTube to exercise
10 %
of B2B decision makers use YouTube to inform purchase decisions
10 %
of people bought from a brand after viewing it on youtube
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Our Approach to YouTube Advertising Services

YouTube has a massive audience, which makes it an ideal platform to advertise on. When considering YouTube advertising, you want to consider the factors in why it’s such a great platform.

YouTube is an actively engaged audience that people use regularly.  YouTube is the most viewed video platform on the planet.  Netflix comes in a distant second.

The average mobile user spends 40 minutes viewing content every time they visit YouTube.  This is a tremendous amount of time for a captive audience.   The benefit with YouTube advertising is being able to tie your content with an audience and videos that might be most receptive.

Videos are the most  popular form of content

Viewers are far more likely to engage with video content than other forms, over a text based post by a factor of 10.  And YouTube is all video.

With YouTube ads you can reach and engage your target audience.  Even if you aren’t advertising on YouTube, you should at least be posting there.  YouTube videos are very shareable content that can be shared across platforms and create a lot of organic reach, if properly executed. 

And if you are advertising on a video with complimentary  content, when that video is shared you will reap the benefits of a similar audience viewing your ad.

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quality of traffic Organic results quantity of traffic Keywords

If you don’t know where to start with YouTube advertising or content strategy, that’s where we come in.  Building awareness and driving conversions is a great reason to invest in YouTube advertising. 

We can create ads and target your audience segments to ensure they know who you, what you sell, and why you’re selling it.  Plus, they are a lot of fun.

If you are already a video content creator, we can help you build awareness with targeted strategies to increase engagement and reach.  Our YouTube advertising company is about building your brand.


Our Youtube marketing plans

We'll show you how to get ads on Youtube

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Video Content Creation

Backlinks are a major factor in ranking higher in search results. Backlinks give your website creditability. The more backlinks, of high value, the higher your page will rank. We can build backlinks for you on websites related to your industry and business.

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Youtube Ad Campaigns

Keywords are super important to your website and your overall marketing strategy as well. Knowing what your customers are searching for and what need your business fills will significantly boost your ranking for specific search terms. We will work with you on creating a targeted keyword list, using advanced platforms to identify your current rankings and those of your competitors.

YouTube Ad Campaign Packages
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YouTube Content Strategy

Basically, everything on your website, most importantly your content. Content drives so much traffic and also informs your customers about you and your products or services. Structure also plays a part here, with well placed title tags and quick-loading images.

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We will help your video ads reach interested leads with smart targeting and bidding

People go on YouTube every day for different reasons:

  • To watch entertaining content: People go on YouTube to watch exciting content that interests them. It could be clips from their favorite TV show or a YouTube star they follow.
  • To learn how to do something: Many people rely on how-to videos to help them learn how to do things. People turn to YouTube to give them a visual perspective on how to make and create.
  • To buy products and services: People often make an impulsive decision to buy a product after watching a video. Whether it’s a product review or a company creating a promotional video, YouTube drives people to make purchases.
  • To travel: People will watch YouTube videos to learn about different areas and destinations. It helps people who are looking to visit new places.

You don’t have time to advertise

When you’re busy running your business, you don’t always have time to run a YouTube ad campaign. You must focus on the daily operations of your business. This doesn’t mean you must forego the benefits of running a YouTube advertising campaign.

Instead, you can rely on our YouTube advertising company to run your ad campaign. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you run a successful campaign. In fact, our knowledge and expertise have allowed us to drive over $2.4 billion in sales over 6.3 million leads for our clients in the past five years.

You can worry about running your business while our YouTube advertising company works on your campaign. It allows you to get the best of both worlds.

You don’t know how to start a YouTube ad campaign

Many businesses don’t know where to start with a YouTube ad campaign.

You know you want to run a campaign, but you aren’t sure how to start one, how to properly optimize your videos, or how to monitor the results of your campaign. This is where our agency can help.

We have experience running YouTube advertising campaigns and will know how to help you run a successful campaign. You won’t stress out about having to learn YouTube’s inner workings.

Need video for your YouTube ads? Check out our video production services!

While our YouTube advertising services focus on turning your existing video content into advertisements, we also offer video production services to help you create fresh ad content.

These services, separate from our YouTube ad services, include:

Website and social engagement videos

Social media is one of the best places to share video content.

As social media becomes more complex, it can get difficult to navigate and figure out what type of content will resonate with your audience. With social engagement videos, you can get your audience interested in your social media content.

At WebFX, we offer square video advertisements for your social media campaigns. Square videos earn two times the views and three times the shares compared to landscape videos, so it’s a great addition to your social media campaign. You’ll also get a team of 200+ experts bringing their knowledge and expertise to your campaign!

View Our Video Production Services

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are a great way to market your brand name. At WebFX, our team will help you choose the best professional actor to match your brand and message. We’ll help you write a compelling script to engage your audience too.

In addition, our team will shoot your video using the highest production methods to ensure you have the best video for your campaign. Once completed, we’ll help integrate the video into your site for maximum exposure.

Explainer video clips are a great way to personalize your audience’s experience and create a positive first impression. You’ll build trust immediately with your audience while you engage your visitors and converse with them.

These videos are a great way to introduce your business to new visitors and showcase your company’s strengths. You can also use these videos to highlight what makes you different, showcase special offers, and encourage your visitors to take action.

Explainer videos help you highlight areas on your website or guide your audience through a step-by-step process. Many companies use these videos to answer FAQs, announce new products or services, and provide recent company updates.

Overall, whiteboard videos are an excellent opportunity for you to pass along information to your audience.

WebFX is your YouTube advertising expert

YouTube’s growth and popularity provide your business with an unmatched opportunity to reach new and valuable leads. You’ll help your business grow by investing in professional YouTube advertising services.

At WebFX, we have years of experience creating video marketing campaigns that drive results for our clients. We know how to create customized YouTube advertising campaigns that help your business grow.

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