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Let's see how search engine advertising can generate leads 

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Having an SEM strategy is important to the growth of your company.

What is SEM Marketing?

SEM, Search Engine Marketing, is a set of strategies to increase search traffic to your website. Building a website isn’t enough.  Just  as with any business, people need to know you exist.  SEM is really advertising your website.  Some of it paid, some free, and some earned.

Visibility when people are searching online for your goods or services lets you connect with your target audience. 

There are three primary kinds of SEM tools

A SEM campaign is made of organic, paid and submission

Search engine marketing will maximize your search engine potential.  We integrate your organic, paid and submission strategies into an overall approach to drive traffic to your business.  Grassroots Digital Marketing Studio search engine marketing packages provide you with the complete package of tools; content, SEO, keyword research, managed PPC (not including ad send), submission of your information to online directories.

Search engine marketing will increase traffic to your website, build brand awareness and drive. 

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Knowing how your SEO is performing is the first step in developing a strategy.
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Content marketing is key to Organic SEM

SEO and sem drive organic search

Content is the central driver of SEO.  The less content you have the less you will have to engage an audience and a search engine.

Search engines work by providing high quality results for what people are searching for.  Think of it this way.  Would you continue to use Google or Bing if all the results weren’t relevant to what you are looking for?

No.  Neither would we.  Search engines exist to give people the platform to find what they need quickly and with the most value.

The more detail you write about your goods and services, the more blogs,  reviews, backlinks and more all contribute to your “authority.”  The higher the authority  your website and webpages have, the more often you will come in potential customer’s searches.

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PPC is search engine promotion

pay per click is the main paid SEM Strategy

PPC allows you to jump to the top of search results.  This strategy is key if you have a lot of competitors or are just starting out.

These Search Ads can appear on Google and Bing when people type specific keywords, that you choose, into the search engine.  You have probably seen these ads at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages).

PPC Ads give you instant awareness.  Properly structured and targeted these Ads can give you a great ROI with immediate results.  

Facts about SEM

What you need to know about SEM

the increased likelihood of having your website show up on page 1 of Google, if the page features videos
10 %
the number of seconds a searcher spends looking a listing
of customers begin their buying journey with a search engine
25 %
almost of digital marketing budgets are spent on search
10 %
of professional marketing executives feel search engine marketing is very effective
10 %
Website Development Desk Work

SEM strategy is part of your overall marketing efforts that will drive growth and generate revenue.  We take a personalized approach to your SEM needs.  We create a custom strategy based on an in-depth analysis of your industry and your specific business goals.

SEM can produce powerful results for your business both online and off by increasing awareness of your brand, driving conversions on your website and producing leads.

We employ the best and latest tactics in PPC, SEO, and directory submission to create winning campaigns for you.

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A successful SEM strategy will utilize several different tactics.    Your business and goals will be key factors in determining which strategies to invest in; SEO, PPC, or both.

We don’t believe a one-size-fits-all approach.  That’s why we develop highly personalized Search Engine Marketing Plans.  Creating strategies that fit your business and are aimed at achieving your goals.

SEM is highly competitive and depending on your industry can be disheartening to attempt on your own.  But that’s why we are here.

We leverage your knowledge of your business and industry to develop a winning SEM strategy.

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The Complete SEM package

Content needs to be strategically deployed. We are a full-service content marketing agency that covers planning, strategy, and deployment. Our content marketing services will increase your audience engagement and drive conversions.

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