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Let's look at how to set up your Instagram Ads to connect with leads interested in your products or services.

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Instagram allows you to set up campaign goals based on your overall marketing strategy.  The campaign goals incude:

Instagram Paid Ads allow you to target based on location, demographics, behavior and interests

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users make it a massive marketing platform.  

How to create Instagram Ads?

Instagram, a platform owned by Facebook,  has a few similarities to Facebook in terms of advertising and some key differences. 

Instagram Ads are paid placements that appear in newsfeeds and stories. These ads are targeted towards individuals most likely to be interested in your business’s offerings. You can target people similarly to Facebook, based on location, demographics, interests, and behaviors.  

You can use precise targeting in Instagram to directly reach people most interested in your products and services.  Precise targeting is great in delivering your ad to the most receptive audience, which in turn will lead to higher engagement and lower cost-per-click.  Like any paid digital ads the more relevance to the audience, the more conversions you’ll get.  

Instagram has a number of different ad formats you can use. There ad formats include:

Your ad campaign success comes from understanding who your customers and potential customers are and showing them your products or services in way that is timely and relevant.

Instagram Ads earn a very high engagement rates over other social platforms

how to run Instagram ads for small business

Because Instagram Ads consistently receive the highest engagement among social media platforms, they are definitely a channel to look into if they fit your business.

Instagram is a visually driven social media channel.  Even with Instagram Ads the more visually appealing they are to your target audience, the higher your engagement rate will be.

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Instagram is a great place to grow awareness and connect with current and new customers organically.  But any Instagram Ad Agency will tell you there are limits to organic exposure.  All social media platforms make money by selling ads, business posted content will not get the organic reach as something that you would post personally.

Instagram potential ad reach is over 1 billion users.  And we have already discussed that Instagram Ads click-through rate can be as much as 2.5 times higher than over social networking platforms.

Performance will largely depend on the quality of your ads, the targeting and your goods and services.

You can create targeted ads with Instagram.  Similar to Facebook, Instagram offers the targeting options based on location, interests, behavior and other factors.  You can be broad in your targeting for awareness or more focused to drive more conversions. 

Instagram Ads are all about creativity

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Check out some Instagram Ads Examples

Instagram ads are a great way to generate awareness and excitements around your products and services.  We create ROI driven campaigns with your overall marketing objectives in mind.  

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Are you interested in other social media marketing services

Brand development, content creation,  graphic design, SEO and other digital marketing services we offer have a strong relationship to social media marketing.  
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Are Instagram advertising cost worth it?


Instagram Ads maintain higher engagement and click-through-rates (CTR).   

Learn How to make instagram ads

We’ll be your Instagram Marketing Expert

How much are Instagram ads?

Instagram Ads average around $.70 to $1 cost-per-click, but depending on your industry and the competition, Ads can easily exceed $5 per-click.  It really depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the ad itself.

Instagram uses either a CPC or CPM model.  If you are more interested in building aware a CPM, or cost-per-thousand-impressions, is your best bet.  To drive conversions, a CPC, or cost-per-click model might be better.  These factors will factor into the cost of your ad spend.  Also the ad quality score will influence your performance. 

We can help you navigate your social media advertising on Instagram. 

If you want to learn more about HOW MUCH DO INSTAGRAM ADS COST check out our blog post

Facts about
Instagram ads

What you need to know about Instagram marketing

Not sure if you need a Instagram Ad agency? Consider these statistics

million Instagram Users in the United States
of U.S. Adults aged 18-29 use Instagram
10 %
of people say they discover new products on Instagram
10 %
of people come to Instagram to interact with creators
10 %
minutes is the average time per day an Instagram user spends on the platform
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Our Approach to Instagram Ads Manager

We believe in holistic marketing.  This approach means we look at the entire customer journey.  You can have a great Instagram ad campaign, but if it leads to a website experience that isn’t great, you’ll lose a sale.  Our job is to prevent that from happening from a holistic approach.

Instagram is a constantly developing digital platform, much like the rest of digital marketing.  As a Instagram marketing agency we are constantly researching and developing strategies to get the most out of the platform for our clients.  The better the user experience and targeting, the more clicks, which means more revenue.

Once we launch a campaign we monitor it and collect the data provided by Instagram to iterate and improve the performance of your ads.  

We understand that you know your business best.  And that is why we consider ourselves your partners to produce relevant, quality ads for you and your customers.  We use your knowledge of your business and our knowledge of digital marketing to achieve success.

Here are the steps we take with every client   

  • 1
    Audit your Instagram Account and any current Ad Campaigns
  • 2
    Analyze your Business and industry
  • 3
    Development an Ad Campaign and Budget
  • 4
    Developing Targeting and Conversion Goals
  • 5
    Develop Creative
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
    Iterate and Improve

What Drives Instagram ad costs?

As we mentioned, there are several factors that drive the ad spend of your Instagram campaign.  

How much you are willing to spend is a key factor.  As with any social media advertising, you have to consider how much a lead is worth to you.  If you were selling a house, a $5 cost-per-click might not seem like that bad a deal.  The average ad bid is higher on Instagram than some our social media platforms.

Ad relevancy is also important on Instagram.  Instagram considers the audience your ad will be shown to and how it relates to their regular content consumption.  Instagram wants to provide as native as possible content to their users.   

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Our Instagram Ad services

Instagram is one of biggest social media networks, We'll show you how to run Instagram ads, instagram sponsored ads, and instagram story ads

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Tell us what your Instagram Ads needs are

It starts with a 31-point Facebook ad audit

  • Structure: CBO, cost caps set by AOV, budget-to-ad-set ratio, DPAs, and overall spend mix by audience
  • Targeting: Prospecting vs remarketing, proper exclusions, automatic placements, plus international and demographic testing
  • Optimization: Conversion campaigns optimized for purchase, bidding aligned with the funnel, landing pages, and profitability
  • Attribution: Click vs view deltas alongside determining your account’s delayed attribution multiplier (DAM)
  • Creative: Copy, content, ad format, and sizing; plus, baseline AIDA metrics to establish effectiveness stage-by-stage

Let us show you what you might be missing with a free account audit:

Move beyond the anxiety and daily chase of outcomes. Working with CTC gives you …

  • Greater efficiency because we require all our buyers to spend less than 30% of your money in the Learning Phase
  • Clearer demand forecasting with custom conversions on evergreen campaigns for product-level visibility
  • More new customers through a budget allocated for growth, rather than buying-back existing customers
  • Tighter pay-back windows with attribution mapped to your customer purchase journey
  • Better and higher profitability by SKU-level reporting, cohort-specific LTV, and product-specific campaigns

all types of businesses that have a nice focus. Some of these include:

  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Luxury
  • Nonprofit 
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Publishing
  • Financial Services

Make sure when you are researching different ad agencies, you understand what their priorities are and where their values lie. Every agency should have a clear mission statement they are happy to share with you. 

While we pride ourselves on having the most skillful experts on board, we understand that no matter who you are, there is always more to learn. It is for this reason that we are consistently giving our employees educational opportunities within the industry. These occur online, in-house, and abroad! 

What Makes Facebook Marketing So Helpful?

We pair directly with Facebook representatives in order to get you the latest and greatest strategies. We have learned with Facebook that in this digital age, video ads tend to produce better results than just about anything else. 

Figuring out the “why” behind your business is key. MuteSix is able to help you define this. Subscription services in particular focus on their “why.” We can develop the best messaging for you to send to your customers so that they feel special for being a part of your subscription service or mailing list. 

A great draw for using Facebook is their ownership of Instagram. In the second quarter of 2020, Facebook reported having 2.7 billion users while Instagram reported having 1 billion. 

Instagram Stories, a feature in which users are able to share photo and video content that lasts 24 hours on their profile, is the fastest-growing product in Facebook history!

Our Latest Case Study

Waiakea came to MuteSix with ambitious goals to scale their DTC e-commerce business, to increase brand awareness with trackable sales increases, and to create recurring revenue by converting one-time purchasers into lifetime subscribers.

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