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Top 8 Social Media Strategy Trends for 2021

We look at the top 8 social media strategy trends that we see for 2021. So long, farewell 2020.
Social Media Strategy Trends

Social media strategy trends can be tricky to predict, as we saw in 2020, which was a surreal year in every sense.  Social media marketing was no different. 

Business and organizations relied on social channels increasingly to convey information.   And people were certainly more activity engaged with business online than ever before. 

Social Media Strategy

Some of these social media strategy trends have been moving in this direction for quite sometime, but 2020 has certainly had an impact.


We look at the top 8 social media strategy trends for 2021.


People love videos!   Don’t you?  People are consuming more video online than ever before.   According to Forbes people spend an average of 3.7 hours on their mobile devices.  And much of that content is video. 

When you look at the rise of TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram Reels, and even Google is testing placement of video in the top of search on mobile devices.

We are overwhelmed every single day with text; video is just much easier for us to process.  The fact is, if you are a business, and you are not posting video on social media, you are missing out big time.  

Video - Social media strategy trends

2. Social Media Monetization & the Digitization of brick and mortar

Social Media has long been seen as this vast opportunity of untouched commerce.  In a recent GDMS Podcast, we talked to Sunil Misra, Professor of at Temple University.  In the last ten years, many companies social media strategy incorporated the “likes” and “shares”, but that focus is changing. 

Businesses are looking more closely at their social media strategy and budgets in relation to their ROI.  You will see a more refined approach to social with goal of customer acquisition.  And why not?  The costs of social have increased exponentionally. 

It’s not just one person in a cucbicle posting their thoughts; there are social teams, massive ad spends and marketing budgets to produce content.  Like with many thing, there is a push to experiement with the next shiny object.  Social isn’t shiny anymore.

Digitization - Social media strategy trends

3. Regulation

Social Media Platforms are self-regulating in many respects and have so for the last few years.  Because of data-breaches, lawsuits and social pressure there is little doubt that the tech behemoths face challenges. 

The splitting of Facebook and Instagram, for example, would create new opportunities, but also new challenges for marketers.  We will undoubtably see more regulation on social, as well as the wider internet.

The days of the Wild West of the Internet are gone!     

GDPR - Social media strategy trends

4. Automation and Chatbots

80% of businesses will some sort form of chatbot system implemented by the end of 2021.  This social media marketing trend is part of a larger automation push.

That is a staggering amount.  The fact is that artificial intelligence’s (AI) ability to understand and respond to a person’s voice or text has become more sophisticated.  These systems use some form of Natural language processing (NLP), which mimics more natural responses.

For marketers, chatbots provide several benefits.  They provide excellent customer service and enhance the customer experience.  Chatbots save money on customer service costs and reduce the friction with customers; who increasingly want business to respond rapidly with answers.

mobile phone with text messaging on the screen and A6VTHBU

5. Authenticity

Nobody likes a phony!  Don’t be that business, try to be more human.  With all the uncertainty in the world, people are looking for businesses to be transparent.   

Consumers want identify and share the values of companies they interact with.  People inherently want to trust that the information they are receiving is accurate.  This is more than a social media strategy; it should be part of your identity.

Ultimately it comes down to building trust with your customer base.  The more authentic and true to your guiding principles you are; the more investment you will get from your customers.  This investment could be user-generated content, reviews, or engagement.

nominated let the real you shine be you be origina YR2HLJY

6. Live-Streams and Virtual Events

One of my favorite social media strategy trends for this year; We’ll do it live more!

In 2019, one in five Facebook videos were live.   In 2020, the global pandemic forced many companies and organizations to look for alternatives to the in-person touchpoints that many rely on to build sales and consumer trust.

Live events on social give a way for your customers to interact like never before.  Interactive seminars, Q&As, collaboration tools, virtual webinars, and entire conferences hosted virtual.

video conference V6XSKAD

7. User Generated Content

Some of the most value content your business or organization will have is created by other people; User Generated Content (UGC).  Fans of your brand, can make content that really resonants with your audience; they were really your best connection to what your customers look like.

86% of companies utilize UGC that their followers and fans produce.  So if you’re not out there seeing what people are saying about you, you’re missing some great content..

woman look at mobile phone at park 3849CMH

8. Inclusivity & Brand accountability

With all of the turmoil of 2020; political, economic and social.  People are increasingly expecting companies and organizations they engage with or potentially engage with to take a stand.

70% of U.S. consumers say it is important that brands to take a position on social and political issues. 

People also believe that brands can be effective advocates for issues in the public discourse by using social media to raise awareness.  Brands should listen and be aware of and responsible for their reactions to political, social and economic issues.

team of work showing unity with their hand togethe GAKTZ4N

Hopefully these social media strategy trends are something you can incorporate into your own social media marketing.


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