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Download the #1 Greatest Free Content Calendar Template. Use this Content Calendar Template to organize your social media posts and slot each content time. Then after you have released some posts, review the data, and figure out what content is driving your audience!
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HOW DO I use a content calender?

As the saying goes, content is king, this is especially more true in today’s world where there are more channels and platforms than ever.  The creation of a content calendar might sound like an arduous undertaking, it will actually save you time in the long run and will deliver you spectacular results.

You can use anything to make a content calendar, as long as it makes sense to you and it’s something you stick with.

The real challenge to any editorial calendar is sticking with it

Content is the key to your business’s success.  Think of your content marketing efforts as a newspaper publisher thinks about a daily paper.  There is a cadence, there are slots to fill, and the goal is to get readers and attention.

Content Calendar

Benefits of using a Marketing Calendar Template

There are a number of benefits to using a content calendar, let’s look at them in detail.  


Time saver

A content calendar allows you to plan ahead in a strategic way, so you aren’t just rushing to think of what your customers want to hear.  Devoting a little time to your content will save you in the long run.  You won’t miss out on any creative ideas by incorporating them into your content calendar right away.  A lot of platform, like Hootsuite or Contentstudio, allow you to post your calendar’s far ahead of time.  Most channels, like Facebook and Instagram, also allow you to schedule posts ahead of time.


To be Inspirational

By far the most common ad on Instagram, photo ads are those that appear in user’s Instagram feeds.  Photo ads appear in 1080 x 1080 pixels or 1080 x 1920 pixels.


To Be consistent

Consistence is key to marketing in general.  Most people don’t respond to the first action with a business, or even the second or third.  That’s why you content strategy is so important.  The more people see you, the more possible touchpoint there are for them to interact with you.  Also the way most channels work, is that the more you post, the wider the reach your posts get, algorithmically.


avoid costly mistakes

You’ve probably done this yourself, or you have certainly seen businesses, post content that they wish they never had.  Not only does this prevent you from making simple mistakes or typos, but it also gives your team a chance to review the information and provide feedback.  Posting things last minute doesn’t give you this opportunity.


Think Bigger

If you plan ahead, you can create some killer content.  Giving thought and attention lets you create graphics, video, stories and really anything you want that you think your audience will respond to.  You can really make it unique to your brand, as opposed to just copying someone else in a rush.


Produce better content

Planning your content lets you stay in the moment.  Relevancy is one of the hallmarks of great content.  Planning ahead let’s you capitalize on new trends and lets you easily pivot to capture the zeitgeist 

Can I use this as a social media content calendar template?

Absolutely!  Social media accounts for a lot of the content you will produce.  All of your content should work together.  You shouldn’t post the same thing, but your themes on social media, your website, and your blog need to spread your overarching marketing messages.  

social Media content calendar

Looking at your social media efforts and how it fits into your larger content strategy.  Examining where your strengths and weaknesses are lets you see where there are gaps and areas of  improvement.  

use your social media calendar as your social media content generator

A content calendar, for social or otherwise, gives you a roadmap to producing content.  If you have an idea of what type  of content fits in your schedule it can be a tremendous help in coming up with an idea.  For example, if someone told you to post something about your business, there’s not much to go on.  If someone said, post a video about how everyday people use your product, you’ve already got a good idea of what your post will be about.

Social media plan

Your content calendar acts as your de facto social media plan.  When you create a calendar you are thinking of what types of post to construct based on your marketing and business goals.  And your social media plan is, though sometimes it is forgotten, about advancing your business goals.

Social Media Posting Schedule

Planning out your content also means you don’t have to keep asking yourself, “Did we post something on Facebook recently?”  Being proactive, instead of reactive, means that you don’t have ti think about when to post, you’ll know based on the scedule you came up with.

calendar schedule template

You can use our free content calendar to plan out your whole year of content and what you want your objectives to be.  You can use it as a guide and expand categories, channels, establish a workflow, and share it with your team.

Download your free 2022 content calendar template today


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