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Data Interpretation with Chase Barricks of PFF

In the 42nd episode of the GDMS Marketing Podcast, we discuss Data Interpretation with Chase Barricks Data Analyst for PFF.
Episode 42 Cover - Data Interpretation with Chase Barricks of PFF

Data Interpretation with Chase Barricks of PFF

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In the 42nd episode of the GDMS Marketing Podcast, we discuss Data Interpretation with Chase Barricks Data Analyst for PFF.
In this episode we will discuss:
✅ How to sort and clean data
✅ How to use that data to come up with information
✅ How knowledge is created through the viewpoint of the person interpreting the data

We also discuss the following:

  • The Heinz Ketchup Tomato Blood Ketchup campaign
  • When to go all-in on a marketing campaign
  • How to interpret data to create more effective marketing campaigns and ultimately more sales 
  • A marketing minute with Matt on Data Interpretation

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What is Data Interpretation?

Data Interpretation Definition

Data interpretation is the process of studying data to help allocate some meaning of the collected data and try to find a pertinent conclusion.  Data interpretation is usually performed through predefined processes. 

Data interpretation usually follows the following process:

  1. Data is collected in raw form
  2. Raw data is cleaned up and sorted
  3. Data is analyzed and information is derived from the data
  4. That information is used against hypothesizes and knowledge is derived
  5. The data is used to tell a story which makes it easier to digest the information and knowledge
Data Interpretation Process

Depending on who is performing the data interpretation, different hypothesizes can be used, and thus different knowledge can be derived.

Ultimately, data interpretation comes down to who is interpreting the data and what they are trying to find in the data.

In-depth INterview with Chase Barricks of PFF on Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation for your Business

Our interview this week was Chase Barricks, a Football Data Analyst for PFF. In the interview, we discussed the process of data interpretation along with:

  • How Chase ended up working in data
  • Chase describes what data analysts do and more specifically what Chase does as a football data analyst at PFF?
  • Chase talks about some of the recent games that he analyzed for PFF
  • Chase describes how he grades a game or individual player
    • He also discusses the certain metrics that he looks at while doing it
  • Chases discuss when he analyzes a game if he is looking at every player on the field or specific positions
  • Chase describes what goes into analyzing certain positions and if it is the same process for every position
  • Chase goes in-depth about how since he doesn’t know the play call, how factor’s that into his analysis
  • Chase discusses how a final score is derived
  • Chase talks about if he looks at historical data when analyzing a game
  • Chase discusses how the grade given out is not the end of the data interpretation
    • We discuss how data interpretation can  differ between coaches and Monday morning quarterbacks
  • Chase tells us his opinion on why there is so much polarization over players’ PFF grades each week
  • Chase discusses his favorite A list horror film (good quality horror film) and D list horror film (Terribly made horror film, but you are going to watch it either way)
  • Chase tells us his favorite Hokie in-person sports moment is and his favorite sports moment

glorious marketing of the week
Digital Advertising

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For the month of October, Heinz Ketchup has developed a “Tomato Blood Costume Kit” that includes its Ketchup.

This is more than likely a decision that was derived off data analysis and data interpretation.

Heinz more than likely saw a data correlation with ketchup sales increasing in October, and further investigated why, and determined people were using their ketchup as fake blood on costumes.

Heinz also could have seen a dip in ketchup sales in the post-summer months and determined the blood kit was a good idea to try to boost sales in the early summer months.  

From the outside, it is tough to determine what data was used, but the marketing campaign is homerun!

Chase Barricks

Chase Barricks Data Interpretation Circle

Chase Barricks, Football Data Analyst at PFF

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