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User Experience with Kat Skuback

User Experience with Kat Skuback

In episode 12 of the GDMS podcast, we sit down with Kat Skuback, Customer Success Business Consultant at Quantum Metric, and discuss the importance of user experience, when it comes to all your digital assets. In this week’s glorious marketing of the week, we discuss HBO Max and how they are pivoting the movie industry. In this week’s marketing minute with Matt, we discuss the overall marketing strategy.

SystemsThinking with Sunil Misra

Systems Thinking with Sunil Misra

In this episode of the GDMS podcast, we have an in-depth interview with Sunil Misra, CEO of Emtec and Professor at Temple University in which we discussed the keys to becoming a disruptor as a business. We also discuss how effective the KFC 4k gaming console is as a marketing gimmick and advertisement.

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