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In the 40th episode of the GDMS Marketing Podcast, we discuss Data Marketing with Bill Starkey, Executive Creative Director at quench agency.
Episode 40 Cover - Data Marketing with Bill Starkey

Data Marketing with Bill Starkey

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In the 40th episode of the GDMS Marketing Podcast, we discuss Data Marketing with Bill Starkey, Executive Creative Director at quench agency.

In this episode we cover:

✅ Turning Data into Content
✅ How to evoke emotion in your audience
✅ What data to track to see if your content is successful

We also discuss the following:

  • The Matrix Digital and Data Marketing Campaign Red Pill – Blue Pill
  • Why nostalgia is such a powerful marketing tool
  • What data was collected in the Campaign
  • A marketing minute with Matt on what Event Marketing on Data Marketing

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What is Data Marketing?

Data Marketing Definition

Data Marketing is taking different data that your business has collected via avenues such as social media, google analytics, and sales using it to develop a buyer persona.

That buyer persona consists of customer demographics which are mined through the collected data.  Demographics such as sex, age, income levels, family status, and app usage (including day, and time frame) are used to better understand potential buyers.

This collected data is used to develop compelling and emotionally responsive content that will evoke a response from potential customers.

Data Marketing is a very powerful tool if used correctly in content marketing creation. 


In-depth INterview on Data Marketing with Bill Starkey of quench agency.

Data Driven Marketing for your business

Our interview this week was with is Bill Starkey, Executive Creative Director at quench agency. In the interview, we discussed the importance of Data Marketing including:

  • Bill tells us a little bit about his career before Quench
  • Bill discusses what led him to join quench and the food and beverage space
  • Bill talks about the data he looks at before he creates content
    • Is it all internal or do you look at external/industry data?
  • Bill discusses how do you use those data insights and turn them into successful content
  • Bill discusses what KPI’s he setups up to determine what success looks like for his data marketing campaigns
    • Bill discusses if those data marketing objectives are determined prior to the launch of a campaign
  • Bill talks about what the key is to making content emotionally resonate with potential customers/customers when putting together a data marketing campaign
  • Bill talks about how data marketing helps determine your brand identity, and how to use it to maintain a strong brand digitally on social media
  • Bill discusses his favorite A list horror film (good quality horror film) and D list horror film (Terribly made horror film, but you are going to watch it either way)
  • Bill tells us his favorite Hokie in-person sports moment is and his favorite sports moment he didn’t attend

"Data Analytics in Marketing are key to success"

glorious marketing of the week
Digital Advertising

Before you start reading Check the Ad out for yourself by clicking on one of the pills

For the upcoming release of The Matrix Resurrection, the 4th installment in the Matrix Franchise, the movie studio relaunched the first movie’s website to act as an interactive marketing campaign.

Once a user enters the site, they are asked to make a choice between a red pill and a blue pill, a throwback to a scene in the original film.  Once a pill is chosen, the user is brought to a mini trailer of the upcoming film.

The mini trailer changes depending on which pill the user changes, providing different peaks into the new film.

This is all a teaser to the actual trailer that was released a few days later.

Leaning on nostalgia -Top Marketing Data

The interactive campaign relies heavily on nostalgia from the first film.  

Specifically this scene:

Why does the campaign lean into this nostalgia? They know that their target audience is going to react emotionally to it.

It’s a fun interactive ad that brings the movie to life.  If you are in the target market you are going to like, share, and or retweet the ad, and it’s going to get further reach than just its core audience.  


Bill Starkey

Data Marketing with Bill Starkey (Circle)

Bill Starkey, Executive Creative Director at quench agency

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