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Top 8 Tips to Insure Successful Franchise Marketing

8 Tips to Ensure Successful Franchise Marketing

Globalization has exponentially increased with the evolution of technology. Having access to different places around the world has allowed businesses to expand to new markets. From low risk to rapid growth, franchising has become a popular option for a business to thrive. So, how does a business reach out to potential buyers for franchising? The answer is marketing. Also known as franchise marketing, we’re going to give out the best eight tips to said subject. To help relay the list, we’re going to use McDonald’s, the largest franchise restaurant chain, as an example.

1. Learn and adapt to your market

Adapting to your environment is how the strong survive. By understanding your market, you learn who your competitors are and how your customers feel about them and your business. That can lead to an advantage that can get you ahead of the competition, leading to a larger audience.

Speaking of which, learning your audience plays a big part in franchise marketing as well. Your audience’s needs and wants changes depending on where they live, which means that you might have to add, remove, or update your products to their appeal. McDonald’s has locations all over the world.  Locations, in India and Japan, have their own distinct products, such as the McAloo Tikki Burger (a spicy, crispy potato set in two buns) and the Pork Shogayaki burger (pork, ginger and soy sauce), respectively, based on what their population eats.

2. Brand consistency throughout the franchise

Although you should adapt to your environment, you need to make sure that the core values of your business are still intact. This keeps the perception of the company the same throughout even though it has multiple locations throughout the globe.

This consistency helps with onboarding employees since they should follow the same rules. It also compliments franchise marketing since the marketing teams can create ads and/or operations revolving the companies core values. By using McDonald’s, you can see how even though it has multiple locations, it keeps its core values of serving its customers accessible, cheap and fast serving food.

3. Have an active voice in social media

Social media can create a large impact on franchise marketing due to its accessibility to a global audience.  Social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are not only free to set up, but each reach out to millions of daily users.

By being active on social media, such as making posts and responding to others, you make a connection to them. It shows that you care about their opinions and are willing to listen to them. McDonald’s has over 70 million followers across its social media platform. By seeing a trend towards a healthy lifestyle and urge from its followers , McDonald’s was able to change its menu to attract its health conscious audience.  

4. Create a top of the line website

The best way a user finds a company is from its website. But, you not only should have a simple website; you must optimize your website so when searched, it ends up on the top three options. About 55% of users click the top three websites of a search, and exponentially decreases afterwards, so it is imperative to have your site at the top.

So, how do you end up there? By having a website filled with relevant content so that users will visit. This is where franchise marketing’s bread and butter comes in. These marketing agencies can find keywords that attract users, and can update your business’s website with said keywords so that it can be a part of the big three.

portrait of male owner of restaurant bar with team of waiting staff standing by counter

With the help of franchise marketing, you can grow your business and reach out to a global audience.

5. Adapt to the technology trends

Just like adapting to social media and different locations, your company must be up to date with the latest technology trends. One of these trends is having a secure website. What this means is converting a HTTP into a HTTPS. Although it’s an addition of just one letter, 82% of users will not visit a HTTP website due its lack of security

Another trend is adapting your website to be phone friendly. Over 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. With the evolution of phones and telecommunications this trend will increase as more people will have access to both mobiles and the internet.

6. Email, Email, Email

Like before, millions of people have access to the internet due to the evolution of technology. This means that many of these users have an email that your company can contact. From ads, promotions and informational posts, you need to understand when and how to email your audience.

With the help of some research and analytics, you can learn what customers want depending on location or when in the year customers are more willing to spend their money. Remember that different locations have different cultures and people. So, each branch must research based on their area to figure out when is the best time to email and what to email about.

7. Use analytics

The usage of analytics has helped businesses grow rapidly. By using analytics, you can see trends in data to see the strengths and weaknesses of your franchise locations. Just like before, each location has different wants and needs, but this actually helps each marketing team of the locations. With these distinct data results, they can make marketing campaigns that rely on their respective results. Franchise marketing uses analytics to find keywords that result in more views and visits by users.

With the help of these agencies, you can see what keywords are missing in your content so that later in the future, you can add and optimize your website. McDonald’s uses analytics and big data to understand drive through efficiency. From seeing delays such as a large family in a van to messing up an order, McDonald’s has tried to improve its training and supply chain in order to improve efficiency

8. Use your franchisees to you advantage

Although you may not know much about a new location, your employees do.  Since they are from the area, they will know more about the communities than you.  Use that to your advantage and listen to what they recommend.   Their ideas and advice can spur new products for your business.  The McDonald’s Big Mac burger actually was inspired from one of its franchisees.

So, here are our eight tips. Now remember, every franchisor faces a different situation. These eight tips won’t solve all of your problems, but will most likely lead to the answer. We recommend using franchise marketing with an agency so you do not mess up on your marketing strategy or budget. With the help of franchise marketing, you can grow your business and reach out to a global audience.


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