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With almost 3.6 billion people on social media and a projected 4.4 billion to have access in 2025, social media marketing has been used for businesses to reach out to this global audience.
Tips to Social Media Marketing

Understanding Social Media Marketing

With almost 3.6 billion people on social media and a projected 4.4 billion to have access in 2025, social media marketing has been used for businesses to reach out to this global audience. But, the difficulty of said marketing is how to gain and keep customers since there is a sleuth of other businesses doing the same thing. So, for this article, we’re going to give the five best tips for social media marketing.

1. Post, repost and cross post on all platforms

Posting on social media is simple. But, what you need to do to upgrade your social media marketing is being able to sync your posts throughout all of your platforms. 

Syncing posts on all platforms will reach out to users from all social media. It might even reach out to users who have accounts on multiple platforms, which reinforces the posts to them both visually and mentally.

You also need to use old posts. They may be old, but still can be relevant. So, update and repost it. It brings back old users but also attracts new users as well.

Certain platforms have their specific use. This can be shown by Facebook’s ability to post long videos, or Twitter’s ability to reach out to many people due to its “retweet” ability.

In order to bring users to those platforms, post about these platforms on others. For example, use Twitter to redirect users to a popular Instagram post, and you might even reach a new audience from Twitter to your Instagram.

2. Use hashtags and visuals

Social Media Marketing Hashtag Usage

Hashtags are your way to reach and track your audience. Try to use hashtags that are from big companies to attract their audience. You can also try and make your own hashtag to see what users say about your company and product.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Having pictures or GIFs is visual candy to users. Not only does it attract younger people, but it helps relay what you have written in your post.

3. Adapt to societal trends

Society changes based on what is happening in the world.  From certain times of the year to events that are happening right now, your social media marketing needs to adapt your posts to them to show you that you understand what is going on. 

An example is Disney with its “May the Fourth” promotions with its Star Wars trademark on May 4th. Another can be posting about the beach when it is the summer.

4. Start promotions

Dog Promo

If you have a large audience, it is time to think about starting promotions. These promos codes give customers a discount on your products. This helps you because you can see where these customers are coming from based on the promo code.

5. Collaborate/invest with influencers

Social media has given people to become stars with a large number of followers. These influencers can be useful to you by collaborating with them. Four out of ten millennials trust products their favorite influencers promote. This gives you an opportunity to bring in a new audience from these influencers.

Always remember to post, whether it is new or an update from an old one. These posts are essential to upgrade your social media marketing. Use these tips to spice up your uploads and see your audience grow.

These are only a few social media marketing tips.  Here are a couple more to think about:

  • What are the best practices when utilizing social media throughout your company?
  • How do you choose the correct social media platforms to be on? 
  • How do justify the cost to your clients? 
  • What are the best ways to prove ROI to your customers? 

What are your go-to tips when engaging in social media marketing? 

Let us know in the comments!

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