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In this article, we discuss the benefits of YouTube Marketing and how your business can leverage it effectively.
What is YouTube Marketing?

In today’s world, there are many channels available for marketing. For traditional marketing, the channels revolving around it are billboards, television, and printed media.  Digital marketing, on the other hand, has a multitude due to the internet.  Let’s talk about arguably the most diverse, Youtube marketing. We are going to talk about why it is important and how to use it to your advantage.

Why Youtube?

You might think, “Why Youtube? Isn’t it used for entertainment?” Well, you are right, but it’s usage rate might change your mind. Youtube is the second most visited website in the world (first being its parent company, Google). 

It reaches out to over 100 countries and spans to 80 languages.  It has over 2 billion users login to its site monthly with 1 billion hours of videos watched daily.  With these gaudy numbers of its global audience, marketing agencies have to be enticed to proceed to Youtube marketing.

Tips on Youtube Marketing

The first thing you have to do, if you haven’t, is to make your Youtube account a branded account.  This allows multiple users to access the account, whereas the standard Youtube channel gives only access to one person. 

You also can give roles to these users (owner, manager, communication manager), giving them privileges and permissions on the channel. This option also allows you to monitor multiple channels once you start to expand your business. 

Having a brand account will also let you choose an engaging thumbnail, set your featured channels, and link to your other social media and your brand website.

Brand Consistency

Keep your channel brand consistent.  What this means is to have an appropriate channel URL, channel name, icon, and art that all relates back to your business.  It brings uniformity and distinguishes your channel to the business.

Once you have started to upload videos, use the description to link all of your social media and business sites.  This will allow users that once they view your video, they can access links that you talked about in the video or they can visit your site to learn more about the business.

Research before doing anything

Understand Youtube’s audience.  Before you start uploading videos, do research on the audience you want to target.  From gender to age to what device the user uses, you need to cater your videos to your users to optimize your Youtube marketing.  For example, if your business is towards Generation Z, know that their attention span is shorter, hence you need to make short videos for them to watch.  If you need help on where to research, this article is a great start.

Use Youtube Analytics

After you make your videos, Youtube Studio has an analytics page that allows you to view the demographics of the users who viewed your videos. Unlike the research you did before you made videos, you now have a clear audience, which will allow you to cater and update your videos to said audience.


As the internet grows, Youtube will consistently grow with it. As a hub for global entertainment, the platform will be an easy source of Youtube Marketing for agencies.  Use these tips to start your channel and watch your business grow.


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