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GDMS featured on Dreams and a Double Shot

Grassroots Digital Marketing Studio was recently featured on the Behind the Leash podcast. The Behind the Leash podcast is a Philadelphia based podcast that features local small businesses and entrepreneurs.

GDMS featured on Dreams and a Double Shot

We chatted on an episode of the Dreams + a Double-shot podcast with host Melissa Neuman.  Melissa is a fellow DIM, Temple University Digital Innovation in Marketing Masters Program, alumni like both Cliff and Matt.

· We talk about taking a holistic marketing approach

· What advice Matt + Cliff would give their younger selves

· And their favorite B horror films

Listen to the Podcast for specific insights.  We also wrote down our thoughts on marketing in a holistic, integrated way.

What is a Holistic Marketing Approach?

Holistic marketing  is when a  a business looks at all of its activities, marketing, technology, processes, culture, and much more.   This holistic marketing approach views the business’s marketing efforts in their  entirety.   This approach creates synergies between departments and verticals in a business.  

If one part of the marketing department is focused on only one thing, then it’s not looking at the big picture.  Even if the marketing department is in perfect sync, but not talking to sales or IT, then it is not holistic.  Holistic marketing considers all the different parts of business that need to work together to achieve success.

What are Holistic Marketing solutions?

Holistic marketing specifically refers to a strategy that  considers all aspect of marketing are connected; and even coordination with parts of the business outside of marketing.

Under a this approach, a business with different marketing arms works together.  And marketing works with other departments as well.  Resulting in an integrated marketing approach. 

holistic marketing chart

Holistic marketing enables a business to connect with people across channels.  So that a customer interaction on social media, a call center, website and in-person are consistent in messaging and brand voice.  It also reinforces your marketing strategy which will make it more likely that you will convert potential customers into customers. 

If you are a small business, implementing this strategy will be much easier, as you won’t face the logistical problems of a larger organization which prevent it from being lean.  

What is the difference between Holistic and integrated marketing?

They are the same thing in-fact!  This starts with formulating a marketing strategy plan and making sure all parts of your marketing are working together to achieve your business goals.  You want your individual marketing campaigns to be part of an overarching goal, even if there are smaller more immediate goals along the way.



There are four main components within a holistic marketing model, each of which plays an important role in bringing everything together for a business.

Internal Marketing

Internal marketing refers to the internal management of system, the marketing department and the collaboration between the marketing department and other departments.

Integrated marketing involves the pricing strategy, product strategy, placing strategy, promotion strategy and communication strategy.

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is focused on different business activities, such as how to sell a product, brand and customer equity, and the ethical and legal responsibilities a business and product upholds.

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is centered on the relationship you have with your customers, employees, partners and competitors.

By considering these four different principle components, holistic marketing allows you to create a comprehensive business plan that covers the whole business system.

Examples of Holistic Marketing

Apple is one example of a company that successfully uses holistic marketing. Everything from how the products are developed with the customer in mind, to the stores being branded in a recognizable fashion, to the customer service being extremely quick, efficient and polite, Apple could be considered a master in using this strategy.

Heineken is another example of a brand that used this approach to successfully reinvent its image. Rather than focusing on the beer, Heineken centered its marketing efforts around four themes – engagement, exposure, interaction and relationships, including promoting its eco-friendly approach to brewing beer.

Small Businesses and Holistic Marketing

Taking a comprehensive, holistic approach to marketing that incorporates every aspect of a business and everyone in it, is all very well if you’re a globally-recognized brand with an endless marketing budget, but will this type of marketing work for your small business?

The good news is that this strategy needn’t be as expensive as you think and can offer great returns on investment.

Rather than solely focusing on one aspect of marketing for your business, such as giving a social media campaign a boost, holistic marketing considers everything, from improving customer service to rethinking your pricing strategy.

Re-evaluating the whole of your business doesn’t need to cost the earth and can bring back good returns on investment quickly.

Benefits of Holistic Marketing

Creates cohesiveness

Rather than presenting diverging and conflicting information in different areas of your brand, holistic marketing brings your brand effectively ‘under one roof,’ presenting greater consistency and cohesiveness for your customers, even if you’re a small business.

Garners Good Results

Holistic marketing makes a brand more consistent and cohesive across all aspects, marketing channels and messages. As a result, holistic marketing can help your small business get more out of its marketing efforts.

All businesses possess different features which must be assessed and evaluated. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. So, businesses need a holistic marketing approach. Include the different systems, services, processes and customer touch points. The process can prove advantageous to small businesses as well as larger companies.

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