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In the 13th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we have an in-depth interview with Nick Leeson where we discuss what it is like Teaching Internationally during the Pandemic.
Teaching Internationally with Nick Leeson
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Teaching Internationally with Nick Leeson

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In the 13th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we have an in-depth interview with Nick Leeson where we discuss what it is like Teaching Internationally during the Pandemic in Nigeria.  We also discuss the following:

  • The cross-promotion of AEW and Impact Wrestling and they way they are using paid ads 
  • How Vince McMahon is a disruptor through the use of digital marketing
  • Marketing Minute with Matt on picking the right Social Media Channels

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In our in-depth interview with Nick Leeson we discuss Teaching Internationally along with:

  • Nick’s recruitment to Virginia Tech
  • What it was like being a second-generation player at Virginia Tech
  • Working his way from being a preferred walk-on to scholarship player
  • How ick went from studying Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise with the goal of becoming a Chemist to pivoting to become an Athletic Director
  • What Nick was doing in the States before he started teaching internationally?
  • What was the motivation to go back to school and eventually start working internationally?
  • What other countries did Nick live in before he landed in Nigeria?
  • What it has been like teaching internationally during the Pandemic?
  • How Nick has had to adjust normal athletic activities because of COVID?
  • The difference between responses to COVID19 between the United States and Nigeria
  • What’s Nick’s favorite scary movie is, both a list and d list
  • What is Nick’s favorite Lester Karlin memory

glorious marketing of the week

The two professional wrestling promotions, All Elite Wresting (AEW) and Impact Wrestling, recently started to collaborate with one another in a crossover event.

Professional Wrestlers from both companies are now being featured on one another’s respective television program. 

Tony Khan, AEW’s Owner, decided to heat up the crossover promotion by putting up paid ads featuring himself during Impact Wrestling’s TV Timeslot on AXS TV. 

Here are a few reasons this works from a Marketing perspective: 

Strength in Unity

Both AEW and Impact Wrestling compete with the WWE.  The WWE is a global entity, that is much larger than either of these promotions, so teaming up together helps boost each company to great heights than what they could accomplish on their own.

This is not uncommon in the wrestling business, as take-over cross-promotional events are quite common. 

Every wrestling fans dreams of who would win in matches across promotions, pitting their favorite wrestlers from either company against each other, in dream matches.

These cross-over promotions help boost each companies’ ratings by creating a buzz, along with brand awareness.

interacting with the fans

During this cross-promotional event, the Impact Wrestlers have been trash talking Tony Khan, the owner of AEW, whether that we on Impact’s Tuesday night show or on AEW’s own show.

By introducing these paid ads during Impact Wrestling’s Tuesday night time slot, Tony Khan is essentially trolling the Impact Wrestling fans.  This helps create even more of buzz between both the Impact and AEW fanbases that are watching. It also helps to sell the gimmick as more of a real experience to their audience.

By releasing these paid ads on Youtube as well, this gives these advertisements value beyond just being viewed during the TV Timeslot.  To date they have garnered 130k views, and the number will surely continue to climb, as the ads are shared between fans.  

Nick Leeson

Nick Leeson

Nick Leeson – Athletic Director at American International School Abuja



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