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In the 7th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we have an in-depth interview with Melissa Newman to discuss up and coming Social Media Trends.
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Social Media Trends with Melissa Newman

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In the 7th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we have an in-depth interview with Melissa Newman to discuss up and coming Social Media Trends.  We also discuss the following:

  • How understanding your customers can help you create viral content
  • The amazing viral Jameson Christmas Tree that Shamrock Jack’s Irish Pub in New York created for the Christmas Holiday Season
  • Why you need to keep the Customers Journey and Experience at the forefront of your mind at all times 

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We also had an in-depth interview with the Melissa Newman of Owner of Thea Creative Studio in which we discussed:

  • Changing career paths
  • How and why she got involved with Non-profit Organizations
  • What made some of her recent campaigns successful
  • Up and coming social media trends

Current Social Media Trends 2021

After our discussion, we wanted to consider what social trends continue to go strong, which have faded, and which might come again.  Video and personalization are great to utilize in your marketing strategy.

Video is still an under-utilized medium for marketing.  Every social media platform prioritizes the reach of video.  They do this for a very specific reason.  Viewers are more engaged with video than every other kind of content.  

So if your business is not creating video you are missing out on a big trend.  And video doesn’t need to be professional thought it just has to be authentic to your brand.

Personalization is another social trend to watch.  Personalization in marketing has only grown in importance in the last few years.  You don’t have to go out and personalize every post to every customer.  But, you should be creating personalized content to your audience.  That means listening to what they want on different social media platforms (social listening). Create content for your targeted audience.

The future of social media marketing

Social Media Marketing has only grown in importance in the last twenty years.  However, with impending changes to privacy and advertising rules, it will be more important than ever to create meaningful connections with your audience.  Content that is relevant to your target audience  will always be the focus of any social media strategy in the future.

Social Media strategy

A social media marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your business.  Social media is an important part of your marketing mix.  You can grow  awareness and drive engagement on social.

Planning your goals will make it easier to plan out your social strategy.  A goal first strategy means that you aren’t just posting content without any rhythm or reason.  Doing this kind of haphazard posting get lead to mixed messages and dissonance with your customers.

You want to have synergy with your marketing on social media.  Not to say that what you post can’t be different, in fact, your social media content should vary greatly from channel to channel.  

It’s you overall brand messaging and essence that you want to integrate into your social media plan.  People want to have consistency with brands, and your messaging is a large part of that.  

Glorious Marketing of the week

Your goal shouldn’t be to go viral with content, it’s about creating content that is meaningful and relevant to your audience.  Jameson sharing this Christmas Tree made of their bottles at Shamrock Jack’s Irish Pub in New York is something relevant and fun to bars that sell their products as well as drinkers.

Melissa Newman

Melissa Newman


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