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In the 17th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we discuss Mortgage Banking with Brandon Frye Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate.
Mortgage Banking with Brandon Frye

Mortgage Banking with Brandon Frye

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In the 17th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we discuss Mortgage Banking with Brandon Frye Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate.  We also discuss the following:

  • Tessica Brown’s new digital marketplace
  • How important it is to be agile enough to pounce on trending social stories
  • Marketing Minute with Matt on how to use Push Notifications

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In our in-depth interview with Brandon Frye Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate:

  • How Brandon ended up playing at Virginia Tech
  • How it felt to earn the starting job after playing sparingly in previous seasons
  • What Brandon’s time was like in the NFL
  • How he eventually landed on Mortgage Banking when he stopped playing in the NFL
  • Whether his sports background helped him with his sales when he started
  • How Brandon utilizes social media in the mortgage banking industry
  • What the Pandemic forced Brandon to do differently in the Mortgage Banking Industry
  • What’s the most effective way to get in touch with his customers, both before COVID and now
  • Besides his website, what other digital platforms Bredon uses
  • What his favorite A list and D list scary movies are
  • His most memorable Lester Karlin moment

glorious marketing of the week

Tessica Brown is Cashing in by selling merchandise after guerilla Glue mishaps

Tessica Brown, who went viral after posting a video of herself where she expressed her concern and frustration with not being able to release her hair from the hold of guerilla glue spray that she mistakenly used instead of hair spray, is now cashing in on the mishaps by selling t-shirts through a digital store.

Pouncing on the moment

In today’s business world, especially in marketing, you have to be agile enough to react in real-time.  Tessica is doing this.

Millions of people followed the drama with Tessica over the past few weeks, to see if she would make it out ok.  Tessica even raised $23,794 dollars in a GoFundMe account in order to find a solution to her guerilla glue hair problem.

By opening up her own online merchandise store, Tessica is hoping to turn her newfound followers into some quick cash. 

Whether or not Tessica will make money long-term from this endeavor is yet to be seen.  It’s more than likely her T-shirt sales will be a flash in the pan, but at least she is striking when the iron is hot and she is smart for doing so.

Smart businesses today recognize how to be agile enough to take advantage of viral situations like these.

If something happens the night before, the next day they have merchandise to sell to the general consumer via digital channels.  

This Viral Situation is good for Guerilla Glue

Tessica Brown is suing Guerilla Glue.  It is uncertain if she will win. However, this situation is not hurting the Guerilla Glue brand.

There are not many people who are blaming Guerilla Glue for Tessica’s problem.   Most people understand that the glue spray was not meant to be used in human hair, so their brand image is not being damaged.

Guerilla Glue also did the responsible thing and tried to give Tessica the right combination of solutions to release her hair from the glue.

At the end of the day, Guerilla Glue gained an extreme level of brand awareness from this viral event.

The internet ran with it as well and started to create memes of all the different Guerilla Glue items and how they could be used in alternative ways, similar to how Tessica used the glue in her hair. 

The stronghold of the glue and the reach of this viral event generated millions of dollars or ad spend for Guerilla Glue.


Brandon Frye

Brendon Frye

Brandon Frye – Senior Vice President at Guaranteed Rate

Brendon Frye Stopping Elvis Dumervile

Brandon Frye stopping Elvis Dumervile from getting the NCAA record for sacks in the 2005 Gator Bowl

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