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In the 27th Episode, we will sit down with Mike Wegner to discuss goal setting. We will discuss how to set proper goals, how to handle it when you don't reach your goals, why goals should be time-bound, and how to learn from your failures.
Goal Setting with Mike Wegner

Setting Business Goals with Mike Wegner

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In the 27th episode of the GDMS Podcast, we discuss Goal Setting with our guest-host Mike Wegner from the Goal Better Podcast.

We also discuss the following:

  • The CRM Jobber that is used by construction professionals
  • The importance of learning from failures
  • Marketing Minute with Matt on the marketing implications of Artificial Intelligence

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In our in-depth interview with Mike Wegner, the host of the Goal Better Podcast and Owner of Rubber City Landscaping, we discuss the following:

  • Mike’s motivation behind starting his Rubber City Landscaping business
  • Mike’s inspiration for creating the Goal Better Podcast?
  • What Mike think’s the best practices for goal setting are?
  • How Mike measure success when it comes to tracking goals?
  • How important is it to keep your goals time-bound
  • What happens when you fail to meet a goal? What changes and what is your process?
  • What are the biggest lessons you have Mike has learned from failing?
  • Is there anything Mike regrets doing?
  • What would Mike tell his younger self?
  • Mike’s favorite A list horror film (good quality horror film) and D list horror film (Terribly made horror film, but you are going to watch it either way)
  • Mike’s favorite Sporting Event moment

glorious marketing of the week

Jobber Software: Features and Benefits

Two words: Efficient. Multitasking. It’s what every successful business person wants to achieve, and that’s what you’ll get out of Jobber’s vast catalog of client, team, and business features. You’ll be able to manage every facet of your business from a single platform.

Jobber doesn’t just provide the basics. It goes above and beyond with its features focusing on customer service, so you know that you and your customers will be well taken care of no matter how hectic the field gets.

Schedule & Dispatch

Every field service business needs help with scheduling and dispatching technicians. Jobber makes it easy to send out technicians and track their schedule, with a simple drag-and-drop, a color-coordinated calendar that will improve productivity every day. Plus, you can make simple changes in the middle of a job, so things don’t get too complicated.

Quickbooks Integration

There’s nothing worse than having to double input data on a daily basis. Fortunately, Jobber comes with Quickbooks Integration so all your invoices and payments will immediately sync to the financial software. Don’t use quickbooks? Other integrations include Xero, Square, Paypal and Stripe. Such seamless transfer of information will save you time on an almost hourly basis, so you can focus on more important business processes.

Client Hub and Client Manager

Customer support is Jobber’s best feature, with a wide range of helpful features designed to make life easier for you and your clients. Their dedicated Client Hub allows customers to solve problems on their own, with a personalized online experience. This 24/7 platform prioritizes customer support, making sure that you’re always there for your customers, even when you’re not actually there.

Additionally, the Client Manager gives you all the information you need to schedule repeat jobs on the fly. And with comprehensive client profiles, you’ll be able to keep track of everyone, including exactly who has paid, whose payments are pending, and how much customers still owe you in a single app.

Mike Wegner

Mike Wegner - Goal Better Podcast

Mike Wegner, the host of the Goal Better Podcast and Owner of Rubber City Landscaping

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