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In the 24th and our first live episode of the GDMS Podcast, we are joined by Sports Psychologist Sam Nott and we discuss Sports Psychology.
Sports Psychology with Sam Nott

Sports Psychology with Sam Nott

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In the 24th and first live broadcast  Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we discuss Sports Psychology with our guest-host Sam Nott

We also discuss the following:

  • The Dream Job commercial from Mint Mobile featuring Ryan Reynolds
  • Why it is so important to be authentic on your social media marketing channels
  • Marketing Minute with Matt on video marketing

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In our in-depth interview with Sam Nott, Sports Psychologist we discuss the following:

  • What exactly Sports Psychology is
  • How Sam got involved with Sports Psychology
  • What led Sam to open up his own business around Sports Psychology
  • How Sam markets your Sports Psychology business services
  • What social media platforms Sam finds most effective to market his business
  • What similarities Sam sees between the competitiveness in sports and in business
  • What kind of physical marketing touchpoints he uses to promote his sports psychology business
  • What he is doing differently now because of COVID
  • What business practices he is going to keep around after the Pandemic is over
  • Both Sam’s favorite A list horror film and D list horror film 
  • Sam’s favorite sports moment of all-time

glorious marketing of the week

Ryan Reynolds brings back Satan fora mint Mobile Advertisement

After a very successful advertisement campaign with, where Satan is matched with the year 2020, Mint Mobile has come out with its own commercial using Satan as well. 

This is of no surprise,  as Ryan Reynolds is a partial owner of Mint Mobile, and revisiting the Satan character is a smart business move.

Leaning into successful Content

The first Satan-oriented advertisement that Ryan Reynolds released received 1.4+ million views.  The second advertisement he released with has been 4+ Million views.  To say that these advertisements were successful would be an understatement.

Being a partial owner of Mint Mobile and behind the production of the advertisement made it easy for Ryan Reynolds to create an advertisement for Mint Mobile.

The brand messaging that major cell phone companies have one of the worst customer service experiences out there rings true.  Most people that think about customer service and major telecommunication companies have had terrible experiences or have heard of one from someone else.

In the advertisement, they show Satan joining with a major cell phone provider. Which one, we do not know.  Satan then proceeds to implement ways to practically torture any new customers that call into his cell provider.

Ryan Reynolds Makes it All work

Ryan Reynolds is one of the strongest Social Media Influencers in the world.  His authenticity seems to ring true in everything he posts even in his advertisements.  These ads would never work without his participation.

Even though the advertisement is humorous, not every brand would be able to pull this off because Satan is being depicted. Some companies would get into some hot water over it.

Ryan Reynolds is the glue that makes this successful. Without him this wouldn’t make as much sense.

Key Takeways

The biggest takeaway for anyone using Social Media to promote their brand and or business is to be authentic.

Potential customers and consumers can see through unauthentic posts on social media.  Make your content fun, but also make it feel authentically you!

Sam Knott Sports psychology

Sam Nott Sports Psychology


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