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In the 25th live recorded episode of the GDMS Podcast, we are joined by Brian Seigla where we discuss the ins and outs of Data Management.
Data Management with Brian Seigla

Data Management with Brian Seigla

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In the 25th live broadcast episode of the GDMS Podcast, we discuss Data Management with our guest-host Brian Seigla.

We also discuss the following:

  • Geico’s “Scoop There It Is” commercial and how it hits the millennial audience
  • How Insurance isn’t a fun topic to market, but the major brands find fun ways to generate brand awareness
  • Marketing Minute with Matt on Interactive Content

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In our in-depth interview with Brian Seigla, we discuss the following:

  • What Brian’s responsibilities are as a data management specialist
  • How he got involved in data management after studying history and social studies as an undergraduate
  • What attracted Brain to the data management field
  • The data projects he is currently working on
  • What types of data he collects and what he specifically looks at
  • Whether he analyzes the collected data do you analyze or does someone else analyze the data
  • Has Brian discovered any interesting correlations in the data he looks at
  • How much data does he collect and really look at compared to the amount of data that isn’t looked at
  • What will  AI be able to do in general when it comes to data management
  • Where Brian sees AI eventually taking the world in the next decade
  • We also discuss the ethics of data mining and creating algorithms and the good and bad that go along with that 

glorious marketing of the week

Tag Teams back again! this time they are selling insurance

The rap group Tag Team is back, but this time instead of rapping about partying and late-night innuendos, they are rapping about scooping ice cream to sell insurance for Geico.

The commercial is fun and entertaining, and for a business that has morbid and dry subject matters, it certainly works and hits on some nostalgia for the demographic target market it is aiming for.

Why Tag Team

Tag Team as a rap group has only had one smash hit, and that is “Whoomp! (There it is)”.  If you were a kid in the 90s, you can remember when the song got popular when it first dropped.

Since the song dropped, it has become a staple at sporting events.  You name the sport, and you have probably heard the song played at the game! It can often be heard after a team scores a touchdown at an NFL game. 

Why Scoop There it hits multiple age groups differently but in a goodway

Changing the lyrics to Scoop! (There it is) is ingenious.  Everyone knows the hook of, “Whoomp! (There it is)”, and changing the verbiage reminds the target market of the original song and bringing a new spin to it, and creating strong brand awareness to Geico.

If you grew up in the 90s there was no way to escape or miss, “Whoomp! (There it is)” when it was first released.  Hearing the song takes the target market back to when they were kids. 

Even Boomers and Gen Xers can relate to the song.  When they hear it they more than likely correlate it to a life-changing sporting event they attended in their 20s, 30s, or 40s.

Another added benefit is that GenZers will also become familiar with the song if they had never heard it before.  The song is catchy, and very hard to get out of your head.  If for some reason a GenZers had never heard the first song before, now they will have the new version stuck in their head,

Making Insurance Fun for brand awareness

Insurance isn’t a very fun topic to discuss, and Geico has been an insurance provider for years.  The combination of using, “Whoomp! (There it is)”, and modernizing the song creates a new catchy commercial that is synonymous with Geico, and is easily sharable.  So far it has reached 15 Million + views on YouTube!

Brian Seigla

Brian Seigla Data Management Specialist at VCU

Brian Seigla Data Management Specialist at Virginia Commonwealth University and Co-host of the Boundary Corner Podcast



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