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In the 29th live episode of the GDMS Podcast, we sit down with Kirt Kingzett Los Angeles Real Estate agent at Compass to discuss Video Marketing.
Video Marketing with Kirt Kingzett

Video Marketing with Kirt Kingzett

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In the 29th live episode of the GDMS Podcast, we sat down with Kirt Kingzett, Real Estate Agent from Compass, to discuss how uses Video Marketing. 

We also discuss the following:

  • The expansion of Randy’s Donuts throughout California
  • How Randy’s Donuts sign is an extremely strong Brand Awareness tool
  • Marketing Minute with Matt on why website security is so important, and how you can keep ahead of it

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In our in-depth interview with Kirt Kingzett, Real Estate Agent with Compass, we discussed the following:

  • What Kirt’s motivation was in becoming a Real Estate Agent?
  • How being featured on a House Hunters episode on HGTV affected business
  • Why Kirt started doing video marketing?
  • Kirt’s video marketing is very high-end quality.  Does he put them together or does he have a 3rd party do it?
  • What goes into Kirt’s video marketing when he is preparing to shoot them
  • Are Kirt’s former clients always happy to film some new Video Marketing with him?
  • Besides video marketing how else does Kirt utilize your social media channels to promote his business?
  • How has the Pandemic forced Kirt to do business differently?
  • What’s the most effective way to get in touch with your customers? Before covid and now.
  • Kirt’s favorite A list horror film (good quality horror film) and D list horror film (Terribly made horror film, but you are going to watch it either way)
  • Kirt’s favorite LA Sports moment

glorious marketing of the week

Randy's Donuts

Randy's Donuts is set for a Major expansion throughout California

Randy’s Donuts, a staple of the Los Angeles scene and culture, is set to expand its footprint throughout California.  In doing so, they are trying to use their massive brand awareness to become the In-N-Out of Donuts.  

What makes Randy's Special

Unlike the east coast, and the majority of the United States, California does not have an influx of Donut franchises such as Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme Donuts.  The donut scene mostly consists of small mom-and-pop businesses, sprinkled throughout the state.

Enter Randy’s Donuts.  Of all the mom-and-pop donut shops in LA County, Randy’s sticks out the most.  It’s hard to miss the store with the giant donut on top of it.

Randy’s signature store is located next to Los Angeles International Airport, which makes it hard to miss when you are landing or leaving the airport.  It’s because of this strategically located store, that Randy’s Donuts has become ingrained in LA colture. 

Brand Awarenss is key to expansion

As Randy’s Donuts expands to other areas of California, it is not going to be hard for people to get on board with the brand. 

Randy’s Donuts is synonymous with Los Angeles.  Even if you don’t live in Los Angeles, you have probably seen it in a movie or maybe even the episode of the Simpsons that it was featured on.

The combination of the huge donut, that can be seen miles away from the building, and the extreme reach of the brand will make it easier for new customers at new locations to give Randy’s Donuts a try.  Some might even say, “Hey, I have seen this Donut shop 1000 times in Los Angeles, and in the movies.  Now that there is one here in my hometown, I might as well give them a try.”

Kirt Kingzett

Kirt Circle

Kirt Kingzett, Real Estate Agent from Compass



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