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In the 31st episode, we sat down with Bella Engleback from Lean for Humans to discuss Lean Thinking and how it can help your business become more efficient and help your business be more profitable.
Lean Thinking with Bella Englebach

Lean Thinking with Bella Engelbach

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In the 31st episode of the GDMS Podcast, we sat down with Bella Engleback from Lean for Humans to discuss Lean Thinking and how it can help your business become more efficient and help your business be more profitable.  We discussed a number of different lean thinking topics.

We also discuss the following:

  • State Farms “She Shed” Commercial
  • Changing demographics in commercials
  • Marketing Minute with Matt on how to pair down your social media channels, so your company isn’t wasting time

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In our in-depth interview with Bella Englebach, Principle Owner of Lean for Humans, we discussed the following:

  • How Bella got involved in lean thinking
  • Bella explains what exactly lean thinking is 
  • Bella explains the 2 main principles of lean thinking
  • Bella discusses how creativity is involved with lean thinking
  • Bella explains the culture shift involved in company’s using lean thinking
  • What tools does Beall use to perform lean thinking
  • What the major differences are between Lean Thinking and Agile
  • The type of business problems that can be addressed with lean thinking
  • The benefits of going lean as a company
  • Common issues that Bella sees when she is working with a company going lean
  • Bella tells us a major success story she had with one of her clients

glorious marketing of the week

Cheryl "She Shed" Goes Viral

The “She Shed” commercial from roughly a year ago is this week’s glorious marketing of the week.  The commercial has longevity, as it is just as funny and relevant today, as it was when it was first released. Let’s discuss what makes it effective.

Insurance Companies need to be funny

Any type of insurance is not a fun subject to talk about.  Who wants to talk about their house burning down or getting into a car accident?  Absolutely no one!

This is why the majority of insurance companies tend to use humorous ads.  The “she shed” advertisement is no different. It doubles down on using “she shed” as its focal point, which after a quick google search, is the equivalent of a man cave.

If advertisements are funny enough, they tend to go viral, and this State Farm ad did just that.  It has accumulated over 195 views on Youtube. At the time of the commercial’s release, it also had a strong word-of-mouth following.

She Shed created a Large Digital Footprint

Besides the actual commercial, State Farm basically created a slang term for your backyard shed.  No you find hundreds of thousands of digital assets that use it.

Type in She Shed into Twitter and you will find recent tweets about how people want their own She Shed, and what they want their She Shed to look like.

There are Pinterest pages that list out the top 20 types of She Sheds you should own.

There are even conspiracy theory YouTube videos on who exactly burnt down Cherylls original She Shed that has thousands of views themselves.

State Farm created a slang term that resonated with their core audience, and the world took it and ran with it. They made it their own, and it’s very hard not to seperate She Shed from State Farm.

Bella Englebach

Bella Englebach

Bella Englebach, Principle Owner of Lean for Humans



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