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In the 32nd Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we sat down with Lauren Capone Marketing Communications Manager at Playfly Sports to discuss the Sports Marketing World.
Sports Marketing with Lauren Capone

Sports Marketing with Lauren Capone

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In the 32nd Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we sat down with Lauren Capone Marketing Communications Manager at Playfly Sports to discuss the Sports Marketing World.  We discussed a number of different Sports Marketing topics.

We also discuss the following:

  • The announcement of the Jimmy Kimmel Bowl
  • College Football Playoff Expansion
  • Bowl Naming Rights as Brand Awareness Tools
  • Marketing Minute with Matt the future of Virtual Reality and Marketing

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In our in-depth interview with Lauren Capone Marketing Communications Manager at Playfly Sports, we discussed the following:

  • Was Lauren’s dream always to work in Sports Marketing?
  • What it was like getting a Sports Marketing position with Flyers doing Marketing Communications
  • Lauren discussed her involvement with the introduction of Gritty
    • How the sports marketing department used social sentiment to mold Gritty through Social Media profiles
  • Lauren tells us about her sports marketing firm Playfly Sports and what they do there and her responsibilities
  • Lauren also discusses the importance of having a strong digital presence in sports marketing today
  • Lauren discussed the importance of having a holistic viewpoint of an athletic department to its entire success? (ie the marketing needs to reach the fans to make money, money is important for recruiting efforts, teams need to market themselves effectively/creatively, that money is used for better facilities/recruiting and you have to have coaches that are on the forefront of innovative offenses, defenses, and marketing to the fanbase)
  • Lauren discusses the importance of data becoming in sports marketing
  • Lauren reviews a couple of sports marketing campaign success stories she has been apart of
  • Lauren also discuss how she uses the data from those campaigns to rate her success
  • Lauren discusses her favorite A list horror film and D list horror film
  • Lauren’s favorite sporting event moment

glorious marketing of the week

JimMY Kimmel Gets the Naming Rights to the LA Bowl

Jimmy Kimmel was recently awarded the naming rights for the inaugural LA Bowl which will be played in the new SoFi stadium in Los Angeles.

Kimmel plans on using these proceeds will go towards One For All, Boys and Girls Club LA Harbor and Boys and Girls Club LA Metro, along with additional Los Angeles charities.

Bowl Games INcrease brand Awareness

Bowl Games are a great brand awareness tool for any company.  The lowest-ranked bowl game in 2020 still had 600k viewers. 

All 600k of those viewers could be potential customers.  In acquiring the naming rights to these bowl games, companies get a 3 to 4-hour window of time to market directly to potential customers.  

Many of these customers might not be familiar with your company or brand.  Being able to market to those potential customers increases brand awareness, and hopefully will lead to them investigating the companies digital assets during or after the game.

Jimmy Kimmel is the first human to have a bowl game named after him

In the 100+ year history of College Bowl games, there has never been a bowl game named after a person, until Jimmy Kimmel.

It’s unclear what Jimmy Kimmel paid for the naming rights of the LA Bowl game and what Jimmy Kimmel will gain from having the bowl named after him.

There is certainly going to be some cross-promotion between the Jimmy Kimmel and the actual bowl game.

Jimmy Kimmel fans that aren’t College Football fans are likely to tune into the game and give College Football a try.

College Football fans who understand the name of the bowl is Jimmy Kimmel because the proceeds go to charities are more than likely going to contribute to one of those charities.

All the associated charities are going to benefit from the brand awareness that Jimmy Kimmel is bringing to them.

Lauren Capone

Lauren Capone Circle

Lauren Capone, Marketing Communications Manager at Playfly Sports



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