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In the 33rd Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we sit down with Matthew Ragucci Associate Director, B2B Product Marketing at Wiley to discuss Product Marketing.
Product Marketing with Matthew Ragucci

Product Marketing with Matthew Ragucci

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In the 33rd Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we sit down with Matthew Ragucci Associate Director, B2B Product Marketing at Wiley to discuss Product Marketing.  We also discussed the digital transformation that libraries have recently gone through.

We also discuss the following:

  • How Xiapu County used professional photography to make itself a go-to destination in China for international travelers
  • Deceptive marketing tactics on Instagram
  • How its better to be truthful up-front when businesses sell anything
  • A marketing minute with Matt on Virtual Reality Trends

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Product marketing is described as the process in which you take a product to market. The product could be a service, software, an actual item, etc.

Included in this process is deciding where the product sits as part of your businesses brand, how the product will eventually be launched, verifying that both your customer base and your salespeople all understand the product

The ultimate goal of product marketing is to ensure that the marketing is drive up both demand and usage of the product.

In our in-depth interview with Mathew Raguicci Marketing Associate Director, B2B Product Marketing at Wiley to discuss Product Marketing we discussed the following:

  • When did Matthew know he was interested in pursuing Library Science as a profession which eventually led to becoming a Product Marketer
  • Matthew tells us about his personal journey that you took on your way to eventually landing at Wiley as a product marketer
  • Matthews discusses Wiley, what they do there, and the products they market
  • Matthew discusses some of the biggest changes libraries have undertaken digitally over the past two decades
  • Matthew discusses what product marketing he is currently doing in the B2B world
    • He also goes over product marketing needs in the B2C world as well
  • Matthew describes what product marketing means to him
  • Matthew discusses how he uses Social Media for effective product marketing
  • Matthew tells us her favorite A list horror film and D list horror film
  • Matthew’s favorite sporting event moment

glorious marketing of the week

Xiapu County in Fujian province China

If you were to look for Xiapu County in Fujian Province China in a Google search, on Instagram, or the Chinese platform Weibo, you will incredibly breathtaking imagery.  

Post pandemic travel has recently seen an uptick in people visiting rural areas of the world.  Xiapu County has been cashing in on the trend. Who could blame the travelers, the pictures of the area are surreal!  Who wouldn’t want to visit?

There is just one problem though, all the images are fake.  This rural town used product marketing through professional photographers and staged actors to make the town a go-to destination.

Photographers are Flocking There

The actual town might not look like a million dollars in person, but that isn’t stopping photographers from visiting there to get one of those once-in-a-lifetime photos.  Sure the photos are staged, but the images are fantastic, and the photographers don’t care.

Deception is the worst way to sell

Not everyone is pleased with how Xiapu County has product marketed their rural town.  Many potential customers and visitors feel duped by deceptive marketing. 

In today’s world, you have to double-check your resources, because all images and articles on the internet can be deceiving!  It is increasingly harder to figure out what is real and what is fake when you are looking at any kind of post.

This is driving potential customers away.  Always remember its better, to be honest up-front when product marketing, because you can always over-deliver to your customer.  

Matthew Ragucci

Matthew Ragucci - Product Marketing

Matthew Ragucci, Associate Director, B2B Product Marketing at Wiley

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