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In the 34th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we sit down with Personal Trainer, Sal Popal, to discuss TikTok Marketing including upcoming TikTok Trends, how to gain TikTok Followers, and if he has ever created any TikTok ads.
TikTok Marketing, TikTok Trends, TikTok Ads, and TikTok Followers with Sal Popal

TikTok Marketing with Sal Popal

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In the 34th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we sit down with Personal Trainer, Sal Popal, to discuss TikTok Marketing including upcoming TikTok Trends, how to gain followers, what TikTok influencer marketing is and if he has ever created any ads on the platform.

We also discuss the following:

  • Ritz Crackers viral TikTok Video
  • Do people really use Ritz Crackers to cut their Cheese like in the TikTok Video?
  • Whether the Ritz Cracker TikTok Video was a paid TikTok Ad or just natural User Generated Content
  • A marketing minute with Matt on: What is Digital Marketing?

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benefits of TikTok influencer Marketing?

TikTok at its core is primarily a mobile social media app that is focused on short videos, centered around the user.  

There is a large community of TikTok users. On average there are 1 billion active TikTok users a month.

TikTok’s algorithm makes it easy for first time TikTok Content creators to be unearthed using the “Discovery Tab”

Under this tab, new content from any user is distributed anonymously to millions of TikTok users.

If you have the right marketing strategy along with a TikTok Ad or TikTok Video that resonates with your target audience, it is fairly easy for your content to go viral.

In our in-depth interview with Sal Popal Certified Personal Trainer & Online Fitness Coach at Sal Popal Fit we discussed the following:

  • How Sal first got involved in overall fitness
  • What drove sal to become a certified personal trainer
  • How Sal fell in love with helping people transform and how much he enjoys that journey of helping his clients achieve their goals?
  • Does Sal primarily use TikTok as the only way you generate brand awareness?
  • How Sal first started accumulating TikTok Followers?
  • What Sal thinks makes him so effective at TikTok influencer marketing?
  • Has Sal ever created or been a part of any TikTok ads?
  • Sal discusses any TikTok Trends our audience should be aware of?
  • Sal discusses the most effective TikTok video that he has ever created and why he thinks it was effective
  • Sal’s favorite scary movie both A list and D list
  • Sal’s favorite sports moment

glorious marketing of the week

Marketing on TikTok

Ritz Crackers TikTok video goes viral

An effective way of how to market on Tiktok

Ritz Cracker’s TikTok Video, where it shows why every cracker has ridged edges has gone viral, mostly because no one can believe the actual purpose of the ridged edges.

Ritz states in the video, that the ridges are there to help cut pieces of cheese, by using it as a cheese slicing wheel.


Deep down inside, the Ridge Cracker TikTok Video was probably shared and liked because people don’t believe that this flimsy cracker is actually supposed to be able to cut hard cheese slices at all.

Generated Massive Amounts of Brand Awareness

Deep down, the Ritz Crackers marketing team hit a home run with this video. Not only did it go viral, but it generated massive brand awareness for the brand.

Whether you caught the TikTok Video on the TikTok App itself, it was hard to not see this TikTok Ad.  It was covered on the Today show and multiple news outlets wrote articles on the topic.

The marketing team at Ritz Crackers hit a home run with striking a cord with its audience.

TikTok Marketing Strategy

Will this sell more Ritz Crackers

There only a few name-brand cracker companies out there.  Ritz is definitely one of the market leaders in the cracker market.

What this video did for Ritz Crackers, is put its brand at the top of the potential consumers’ minds.  If someone was going to the supermarket this week, had crackers on their grocery list, and saw this TikTok, they more than likely spent the extra $.50 on the Ritz Crackers just to see if they could actually cut cheese!

Sal Popal

TikTok Marketing with Sal Popal

Sal Popal, Certified Personal Trainer & Online Fitness Coach at Sal Popal Fit



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