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In the 35th episode of the GDMS Podcast, we will be discussing Inbound Marketing, Offline Marketing, and Community Building with HubSpot's own Christina Garnett.
Inbound Marketing with Christina Garnett

Inbound Marketing with Christina Garnett

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In the 35th Episode of the GDMS Podcast, we will be discussing Inbound Marketing, Offline Marketing, and Community Building with HubSpot’s own Christina Garnett.

We also discuss the following:

  • What a WeMake is
  • The Jaws WeMake
  • Crowdsourcing and including the sentiment of the fan community in your marketing
  • A marketing minute with Matt on the Marketing Funnel

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What is Inbound Marketing?

inbound Marketing definition

Inbound marketing is the art of developing content that is tailored to an audience.

Inbound marketing can be a piece of content or even an experience.  

Bounds and commonalities are used to form connections with your audience through inbound marketing to help your audience solve their preexisting issues and problems.   

Outbound Marketing is just the opposite.  Outbound Marketing is releasing content that the audience doesn’t necessarily want to see and doesn’t necessarily help fix their problems.

Our Interview today is with Christina Garnett, Senior Marketing Manager for Offline Community & Advocacy with Hubspot

  • How Christina transitioned from Math Teacher to a marketer?
    • What teaching skills Christina had that transferred to the marketing world
  • Christina is very prolific on Twitter, we discuss some of the challenges and opportunities when using social media
  • We discussed Inbound Marketing strategies on Twitter
  • Christina discussed her opinion on why Social Media Trolls us negative messages as inbound marketing to chase clout AND evoke emotion
  • Christina discusses what she feels is the best Inbound Marketing you can do to naturally gain followers on social
  • Christina discusses why it is so important to be authentic with your Inbound Marketing
  • Christina discusses the importance of Social Listening when it comes to forming Inbound Marketing messages
  • Christina also goes in-depth on how to build relationships/community based through the use of social listening
  • Christina explains why the new Star Wars Trilogy failed because they didn’t take the Star Wars fans community into consideration
  • She also discusses how listening to the Star Wars fans community helped the Mandalorian become super successful
  • Christina’s favorite scary movie both A list and D list
  • Christina’s favorite Virginia Tech Football Player
  • Christina’s favorite Virginia Tech Football moment

glorious marketing of the week

Jaws WeMake is effective inbound marketing

Jaws is a classic horror film and helped coin the term “Summer Blockbuster”.  The movie is an absolute classic, with a huge cult following. The film is celebrating its 45th anniversary of being released this year.

So it was not surprising when a bunch of fans, who were locked up in their houses due to COVID19 quarantine, felt the need to recreate classic parts of the film and post them online.

inbound marketing examples
What is a WeMake?

With rumors swirling that there could be a possible remake of the original 1975 classic, fans decided to take action and create a WeMake version of the movie.

Jaws WeMake - Inbound Marketing Example

A reboot consists of entirely rebooting a film franchise, often discarding most of the older films and it’s mythology.

A remake is consists of taking the first film, and remaking it with the most modern technology available, basically refreshing the film.

A WeMake consists of fans filming different parts of the film, and one producer crowdsourcing the user-generated content, to create a remake that consists of solely fan-made footage.

It would be considered inbound marketing (In this case user-generated) because it involves the Jaws fan community, getting together, creating specific content for the Jaws fan community, and fixing a problem they have. In this case, they want an updated version of the movie, but do not want the movie producers to completely ruin the time classic film.

Will This Inbound marketing strategy work?

Time will tell, but to date, the WeMake movie has already accumulated 15000 views and climbing.

That doesn’t take into account the reach of the other user-generated content that is also floating around on the internet, that has also accumulated views.

One thing is for sure, the Jaws Fans community, absolutely loves this content, and why wouldn’t they, as they are all represented in it.

Christina Garnett

Inbound Marketing with Christina Garnett Circle

Christina Garnett, Senior Marketing Manager, Offline Community & Advocacy at HubSpot



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